Zipping into 2018’s Hottest Cycling Trends



As the weather gradually gets warmer, so does the desire to get back on a bike, shake off the winter rust, and get the blood flowing.

Whether you like to race up mountains, go for a leisurely ride around your neighbourhood, or cycle at home, there are lots of fresh bikes and accessories designed to keep you in tip-top shape.

“It’s no secret that cycling is hugely popular with Canadians of all ages, especially Zoomers that love to enjoy the low impact, full-body workout while out and about,” says Darrin Maharaj of ZNews.

ZNews - 2018 Bike Trends

Recently, Maharaj visited Justin Soares of Toronto’s Bike Depot to get a greater glimpse of 2018’s hottest cycling trends.

During their discussion, Soares sings the praises, and explains the functionality of, ready-for-anything adventure road bikes, as well as folding bikes that satisfy those seeking a more compact ride.

What’s more, Soares shows us why the popularity of electric bikes is still on the rise, and just how easy (and thrilling!) cycling inside the home can be.

You can watch the full report from ZNews below.

-Adam Grant

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