Daily at 10:30am ET | Saturdays at 6pm ET


Host, and creator Reshmi Chetram, is recognized as an outstanding performer, practitioner and teacher of the art of Kathak. Combining her love of all things Bollywood with her fitness addiction has led to the creation of Bollyfit!, the newest craze to hit the fitness scene.

Reshmi instructs viewers through an invigorating easy to follow 30-minute routine, beginning with a warm-up. She leads her back-up dancers through a sublimely choreographed segment focused on introducing viewers to the basic moves. The workout heats up in the cardio segment as the basic moves are incorporated into an actual dance sequence designed to elevate heart rates and burn calories. The third segment features muscle conditioning Bollywood style to sculpt buns, inner thighs, hips and core. A full out Bollywood dance sequence rounds out the show on an invigorating high before saying goodbye to viewers with a few words of encouragement to take away with them.

BollyFit is a celebration of the beauty of traditional Indian dance, with Reshmi and her back-up dancers the undisputed cinematic focus. Set in a fresh infinity white backdrop with pink, orange and purple ribbons of fabric billowing in the wind, the mood is upbeat and fun. Designed to showcase every move, Reshmi and the back up dancers are dressed in form fitting dance costumes with a traditional Indian flare. The lighting is soft and bright. Avant-garde multi-camera angles make for a colorful aesthetic and riveting connection to the instructor and her dancers. Original Bollywood style music sets the rhythmic pace of each workout segment.

In twenty-six lushly-shot, colorful, fast-paced and totally entertaining half-hours, Reshmi will take her viewers on a trip to Mumbai and beyond, with the end-result being fitter bodies and more joyous spirits. Get the workout of your life while feeling like you’ve just spent a half-hour at a Bollywood party.