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Daily Dec. 24, 2021 - Jan 2, 2022 | 7:30am ET / 4:30am PT

Belly dancing may primarily be viewed as an expressive dance, but we know that there is much more to it than that. For instance, the fitness benefits are measurable and make getting in shape much more enjoyable than hours on a treadmill or stationary bike.

On the highly engaging and entertaining series “Anjelica’s Dance Workout,” award-winning dancer Anjelica Scannura will get you up and moving with a wide variety of belly dancing workouts.

Along the way, Anjelica and her fellow dancers will take you through fun, fitness-focused dance routines including Barefoot Flamenco, Irish Stepdance and some sweet Samba. You can view all of the moves she has in store for Season 1 by clicking on the Episodes tab above.

Anjelica's Dance Workout

More About Angelica:

Anjelica Scannura is a born artist, who has performed all over the world and excelled in various fields of dance; from ballet, contemporary to Irish dance and from middle eastern dance to flamenco. Anjelica went to Canada’s National Ballet School and spent her early adolescent years doing contemporary dance with Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre. After a successful career as a competitive Irish dancer, Anjelica found Bellydance and won three categories at Bellydancer of the Universe 2013, and was inducted into their hall of fame in 2014.

Anjelica has been on the judging panel for Star Bellydancer Canada and travels often to perform and teach her own signature brand of Bellydance Flamenco Fusion. She has performed across Canada and around the world for the likes of, The Princess of Jaipur, the Prime Minister of Malta, Sting, Russell Crowe and has been a soloist dancer with the Canadian Opera Company and performed at the recent Pan Am Games in Toronto.

Anjelica's Dance Workout

Ritmo Flamenco

Anjelica is also the Co-Artistic Director of the family-run company and school Ritmo Flamenco, which has toured internationally to critical acclaim. Created in 1996 by Roger and Valerie Scannura, Ritmo Flamenco have performed in concerts and festivals worldwide.

Click here to have a look at one of Anjelica’s revered 2016 appearances at ideacity!


Toning Legs And Glutes

All great dancing begins with coordinating your arms and legs while staying on a steady rhythm.  On today’s program, Anjelica will integrate fluid arm and hand movements with percussive leg and hip accents, which will raise the heart rate and improve the tone of your legs and glutes.

Cardio And Body Toning

On todays program, Anjelica is fusing elements of hip-hop, bellydance and flamenco to get a balanced mix of cardio and body toning. Moments of dance floor domination highlighted by flashes of sexual expression.

Postural Alignment

Today, Anjelica focuses on postural alignment while building strength in several key muscle groups all with some slinky tango-infused ballet and Flamenco movements?

Working The Booty

Today we are going to take a little trip to Brazil.  Since most Brazilians are known for their booty, it’s only fair that we work on ours while embodying the beat and throwin’ a little bit of Bellydance in while we’re at it.  Got two left feet? Well, today’s program will help you begin to figure out which is which, while breaking a sweet samba belly sweat.

Enhancing Muscle Definition

On today’s program, Anjelica will work on enhancing the muscle definition of the legs and shoulders as well as developing fluid flexibility in the torso, which will also help with digestion.  We will do all of this by delving deeper into Bellydance movements, and of course since we are fusing, a touch of Spanish flair.

Anjelica's Dance Workout

Sculpting The Torso

On today’s program, Anjelica will sculpt the torso with twists and tango-inspired travelling steps. People have a hard time toning their mid-section.  It’s definitely a problem area.  Sometimes sit-ups don’t do the trick – they can be boring, and it’s easy to injure yourself if you have bad form.

Samba Bellydance Fusion

Welcome to the Samba BellyDance Workout! Here Anjelica and the music will transport you to Rio, where we will learn some samba basics and blend them with Bellydance. This means lots of hip shaking and fast feet, which will leave you feeling uplifted and closer to the shape you want to be in.

Irish Stepdance

In this episode, Anjelica travels to Ireland with some Irish step dance, veer into Contemporary dance, and then top it all off with some sultry hip movements.  All of this will come together into a celtic movement mélange.

Barefoot Flamenco

In this episode Anjelica will be doing barefoot Flamenco. Having no shoes to rely on will help you get in touch with your earthy and passionate gypsy side, so let’s stamp and clap ourselves fit, while working on our sense of rhythm.

Burning Calories

In this episode, Anjelica focuses on burning calories using moves from global dance styles, all while giving our self-esteem a serious boost.

Anjelica's Dance Workout

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