Sweat the City

Sweat the City

Mon. to Fri., Dec. 6 - 17, 2021 | 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT

Sweat the City” is a documentary series that explores fitness, fashion, and food. Host Adrianne Ho, an international model and Instagram celebrity, searches Toronto, Los Angeles and New York to find innovative workouts, unique foods, and inspiring fashion. Adrianne’s experiential journey explores and interprets the latest fitness, culinary and design trends while she meets with the unique people who make them happen, and decodes the secrets of their success.

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About Adrianne Ho:

As an international fashion model and designer, Adrianne Ho has graced the covers of countless beauty magazines worldwide. Her passion for balancing work, life, and style makes her the perfect host for “Sweat the City,” and the ideal fitness coach for the STC App.

Sweat the City

Adrianne has been featured on several magazine covers, countless fashion editorials, and numerous beauty campaigns with clients including Maybelline, L’Oreal, and MAC Cosmetics. As the modern streetwear muse Adrianne has been tapped by the likes of Nike, Stussy, Levi’s and others for a fresh edge. In 2013, being recognized as the leader of fashionable fitness and culture, resulted in her starting the original digital platform and active lifestyle brand Sweat The Style™.

In 2015 she launched the first active streetwear collection Sweat Crew™, a sub-brand of Sweat The Style™, which fuses technical performance with a high-fashion sensibility. This Summer Adrianne made her foray into swimwear as the designer and face of La Mer Noire for Simons. She recently launched her partnership with Stance, as the face of Punks & Poets and designer of her own performance socks.

Sweat the City

Connect with the “Sweat the City” Mobile App:

Let Adrianne Ho pump you up and work you out in our fun and sexy fitness App. We’ve worked with fitness experts and professional trainers to create amazing workout routines that will push you to the limit and keep you coming back for more.

The STC App takes all of the workouts from the show and lets you try them out at home. We’ve worked with fitness experts and professional trainers to create amazing workout routines that will push you to the limit and keep you coming back for more.

Sweat the City

Workout: STC lets you choose from a wide variety of featured workouts designed to fit your busy life.

Customize: The App lets you customize your workout by choosing three target zones and creating new workout routines every time.

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Sweat the City

Sweat the City

Home Roots

To begin her journey of self-discovery and exploration, Adrianne returns to her hometown of Toronto, Ontario. She visits NextLabs Research to figure out her fitness baseline. Then she heads to Canada’s largest indoor obstacle course to learn about the POSE training method and challenge her comfort zone in the Cryotherapy chamber. Adrianne then visits Actinolite restaurant to talk about sustainable food sourcing and meets up with Diane Bald, Design Director of Roots Canada to collaborate on a project for her new fashion line.

Strong Foundations

A city’s geography hugely influences its culture, and LA is the perfect example. In the City of Angels, surfing is more than just a fun pastime-it’s a lifestyle, an industry, and a massive cultural influence. Adrianne takes a SURFSET class to get a taste of the sport from the safety of dry land. Continuing, she meets up with Cat Castaneda, head chef of Forage, a restaurant with a focus on sustainable seafood. Finally, she’s ready to learn how to catch a wave with pro surfer Anastasia Ashley.

Sweat the City

The Unconventional

How do you use your business to build a community? With hand weights, choreographed dance moves, and candle-lit studios. Adrianne signs up at SoulCycle to find out why people call this class totally tribal. Having sweat out all her toxins, Adrianne visits Juice Served Here, a popular local spot serving body-replenishing beverages infused with ingredients like activated charcoal, turmeric, and montmorillonite clay. Finally, she’s off to join Critical Mass, America’s largest community bike ride.


Adrianne takes some time to focus on her inner wellness at Unplugged Meditation, learning from Tai Chi world champion Olivia Rosewood. Putting her mindfulness into practice, she heads to The Springs, a raw vegan restaurant and wellness center, all rolled into one. Chef Michael Falso shares his story of personal transformation and shows Adrianne how to prepare a wellness-inspired entre.

Sweat the City

Success in Substance

In this episode, Adrianne heads to Runyon Canyon Park to workout with Massy Arias, a fitness guru who built her business from the ground up making a gym out the backyard. Next, Adrianna meets up with Mitchell Collier for a lesson in local, organic, sustainable food trucking. All that hill running and burger flipping has Adrianne’s sneakers looking a little rough, so it’s off for a lesson in footwear care from Jason Markk and his shoe crew. He’s built his brand around making old kicks look new again.


She meets up with Jesse Bruce at Alpha Obstacle Training and tackles a course-ice pit, commando bars, and all-that pushes her to the absolute edge. Luckily, she’s booked a session with Vinh Pham of MyoDetox to help improve her alignment and speed up her post-workout recovery. Afterwards, Adrianne meets Fresh owner Ruth Tal to talk about the challenges of growing a successful business in boom-and-bust Toronto, and the importance of staying true to your core values.

Sweat the City

Try Something New

In a world full of fancy machines, systems, and fads, Danny Oakes’s Academy of Lions kicks it old school with caveman-style training and foundational fitness. Over at Patois, Adrianne meets a French-trained chef who specializes in Chinese Jamaican cuisine. Craig Wong looks to his roots for inspiration, and encourages Adrianne to tap into her multicultural heritage. Next, it’s over to Jonathan and Olivia, a store that’s on the cutting edge of modern sport and casual wear. Adrianne chats with co-owner Nick Jones about the years of hard work and dedication that shaped his business and helped guarantee its success.

Too Legit

It’s off to New York City for a lesson in authenticity! First up is a visit with Brendon Babenzien, owner of Noah, a socially-conscious clothing store that’s all about honest brand expression and creating conversations. Authenticity at Seamore’s means sustainable seafood. By demanding the freshest ingredients from the closest locations, he’s able to improve quality and reduce his restaurant’s carbon footprint. Looking for an authentic workout, Adrianne goes toe to toe against legendary boxer Michael Olajide Jr. Michael was a world-class fighter until an eye injury ended his career. But he continued to follow his passion and now spends his days training Victoria’s Secret models.

Sweat the City

Gold Standard

Being the best means different things to different people. For Barry’s Bootcamp, it means offering the toughest workout on the East coast. For Nick Jammet at Sweet Green, it means nurturing relationships with farmers and building region-specific menus to build healthier communities. Adrianne gets a sneak peek at their winter lineup at Nike’s latest NYC pop-up shop.

Stick Together

You can’t do it all on your own, and sometimes an amazing collaboration is the way to go. When it comes to swimming, Adrianne needs all the help she can get, so she meets up with Kirsten Sweetland, Olympic and Red-Bull sponsored Triathlete, for some tips on how to keep her head above water. Continuing with the spirit of collaboration, Adrianne meets up with Kai Bent-Lee, a chef who has teamed up with Drake to create Frings, a global fusion restaurant. Finally, Adrianne heads over to Roots Canada to see the early stages of her collaborative jacket for the very first time.

Sweat the City

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