Shake Up Your Days with Anjelica’s Dance Workout!



Your favourite get fit channel, One, will be springing into action this April with the exciting premiere of “Anjelica’s Dance Workout”!

Airing daily from Monday, April 3 (8am ET/5am PT and 7pm ET/4pm PT), each episode of “Anjelica’s Dance Workout” will be guided by Anjelica Scannura, a charismatic Toronto-based dancer, actor, comedienne and the co-artistic director of Ritmo Flamenco Dance and Music Ensemble.

Accompanied by special guests like her mother as well as an energetic and skilled roster of local dancers, Scannura will take audiences through a simple warm-up, the how-to basics of a particular dance technique, the workout and then a cool down. With routines centred on Flamenco, Bellydance and moves originating from Brazil, Ireland and beyond, your body will be able to positively express itself through an entertaining form of exercise.

Anjelica's Dance Workout - Season 1

Beginning April 3, One will be offering a month-long Free Preview! Click here for details!

ZoomerMedia founder and One executive producer, Moses Znaimer, conceived “Anjelica’s Dance Workout” after her much-celebrated appearances at the 2015 and 2016 editions of ideacity. During her time on the conference’s stage, Scannura enthusiastically engaged audience members by having them participate in daily stretch breaks. Throughout, smiles ran from ear-to-ear, while hips moved swiftly from side-to-side.

Prior to “Anjelica’s Dance Workout,” Scannura performed and competed in numerous dance events around the world. In 2013, Scannura won the Bellydancer of the Universe title in the U.S.

Anjelica's Dance Workout - Season 1

“[Angelica is] a wild child of dance whose fusion performances radiate a passion that belies her age.” – Toronto dance critic, Paula Citron.

Anjelica’s Dance Workout” – which was produced and directed by MZTV Productions’ John Moutsatsos-Thornton, Dominic Sciullo and Bill Mantas and filmed at the 2.6 acre Zoomerplex multimedia facility in Toronto’s Liberty Village – is the latest inspirational addition to One’s stunning programming roster that already includes the mightily popular “Healing Yoga,” “The Biggest Loser,” “Pilates from the Inside Out,” “Padma Yoga,” “Bollyfit” and much more!

-Adam Grant


Anjelica's Dance Workout - Season 1

On Thursday, March 30 (7pm-10pm ET), you are cordially invited to attend the official “Anjelica’s Dance Workout” launch event! Taking place at the ZoomerPlex in Toronto’s Liberty Village, attendees will able to participate in a dance workout with Anjelica! Space is limited, so please RSVP to: [email protected].

Beginning April 3, One will be offering a month-long Free Preview! Throughout that period, enjoy a variety of series designed to liven up your body, mind and spiritual self!

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