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Padma Yoga

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The PADMA™ YOGA series beautifully offers gentle yoga, healing breath work, simple meditations and spiritual wisdom for everyday living.

A joyful, uplifting and educational television series, PADMA™ YOGA enhances personal empowerment and social wellness. Guided practices of meditation and yoga, plus ancient Eastern wisdom combine to enlighten and enhance everyday life. Meditation and yoga are not presented as religious practices, but rather as useful secular skills for anyone to learn, emphasizing the practical benefits for our modern life and their proven effectiveness for stress-management.

The series introduces perspectives from the traditional South Asian Vedic tradition, combining them with Zen Buddhism, and adds fun yoga exercises, easy energy work and zesty conversations for a well-rounded wellness program not to be missed. It addresses the body, the mind and the spirit of every viewer. Time-tested techniques and Eastern psychology, metaphysics, philosophy and many excellent lifestyle tips work together to build a daily routine that offers strength, a happy heart and clear thinking.

In three different series, Blissful Living, The Elemental Series and Modern Meditations, Padma masterfully translates timeless wisdom into modern language, making complex eastern knowledge available and relevant to western culture, helping us build health and calm strength in a modern and dynamic world. See below for the more information on each series and the current broadcast schedule.

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PADMA YOGA: BLISSFUL LIVING is a series of delightful television yoga classes designed to calm your nerves and strengthen your spirit. Padma offers unique yoga, meditation and philosophy designed to improve your health and joy in life.

Each episode, Padma guides you through a 4-minute warm-up, followed by a 12-minute gentle and meditative yoga sequence that is unique every day. You will feel your whole body awakened and invigorated. Padma also offers a wisdom talk based on a “Sanskrit Word of the Day.” She tells stories from her years in the Himalayas and relates real life situations to the esoteric wisdom of the ages. This series focuses on the quality of sweet delight and happiness that life can be. Padma knows it is possible to become free from suffering, and she offers practices and wisdom to attain freedom.


Padma Yoga combines beautiful yoga with spiritual wisdom.

Watch The Elemental Series and join Padma and her friends everyday for delightful, gentle classical hatha yoga plus helpful meditations and breath work. Start your day off right or take a much needed break in mid-day. Padma introduces a daily ‘Sanskrit Word of the Day’ and explores how these essential words of yogic philosophy can inspire our daily lives as well as our yoga practice. There are beautiful Sanskrit Chants with guest singer Joelle Lazar, and special guests who joins Padma for discussions of how yoga and meditation integrate into our regular daily lives.


The Modern Meditations series is a healing series featuring therapeutic yoga and meditation remedies for challenges we face every day. Padma shares her years of experience helping countless people get through and heal from a wide variety of daily situations.

The therapeutic challenges in the series are grouped together into five themes: Physical, Emotional, Focus, Mental and Social.


Padma is an enlightened educator and one of Canada’s most respected and popular teachers of meditation, yoga and self-realization. Padma is also the television producer and host of 143 episodes of the Padma Yoga television series aired across Canada since 2003, and has produced 12 DVDs of her work. She has taught meditation and yoga to A-list Hollywood stars since 2000, has developed an original Meditation Training Program, and recently launched the Padma Meditation Teacher Training Program.

Padma has over 30 years of experience in yoga and meditation, including a one-decade advanced meditation retreat in the Himalayas of India, where she continues to spend much of her time every year. She is certified to teach Meditation, Advanced Yogic Studies and Hatha Yoga by the International Meditation Institute of India.

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