Sweat the City’s Adrianne Ho Breaks Down her Morning Routine



On “Sweat the City,” Adrianne Ho travels through Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles to bring us all a little bit closer to “innovative workouts, unique foods, and inspiring fashion.” 

What makes Ho such an authority on all of these matters is her dedication to personal fitness, eating well, and looking great. You see, the Toronto-born Ho is a fitness industry entrepreneur, and model that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle.

In order to live this way, Ho has to have a routine that’ll allow her to function at an optimal level. During an interview with, Ho opened up about her morning routine.  

“The first thing I do in the morning is meditate and try to clear my head,” revealed Ho. “Then I’ll check my phone – I do a lot of business in Asia, and the time difference is so extreme that there’s usually a lot of messages or requests that I need to respond to early. Then I’ll relax and take in the views around me before setting a schedule for what I want to accomplish that day.”

Adrianne Ho - Sweat the City

Ho, who recently moved to Silver Lake, California, will often take in some relaxing, ambient music while getting work done, all the while not forgetting to focus on a sensible breakfast.

“My diet is plant-based for the most part, but I have my splurges — as you can see on my Instagram,” replied Ho when ask about what’s on her breakfast table. “Generally, I start the day with room temperature lemon water. After that, if I’m not heading straight to a workout, I’ll have an almond milk matcha latte and oatmeal. I’ve also been getting into hemp and oat milk as a nice alternative.”

When it comes to exercise, Ho is “lucky enough” to have a trainer in each city she frequents. If she’s home, Ho will workout four to five times a week, usually in the morning, and visit her personal trainer, Micah McKinley at Phys Ed. Studio. Also on Ho’s radar is Barry’s Bootcamp, a venue that hosts “revolutionized traditional fitness classes.”

As impactful has her morning’s prove to be, Ho admitted that none of it would be possible without having a steady sleep schedule.

Adrianne Ho - Sweat the City

“The most important part of my routine starts right before I wake up: especially when traveling, I have to make sure I get at least 8 hours of sleep,” offered Ho. “It can be really difficult with jet lag and work schedules, but it just means cutting out idle time on the phone before going to sleep. I fly to Asia every month so the time difference is really tricky, and by the time I’m adjusted I have to go back to NYC or LA. Lots of water and sleep are really the most important for recovery.”

-Adam Grant

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