Sweat the City’s Adrianne Ho Explains Her Fitness Routine



On “Sweat the City,” entrepreneur, model, social media star, and foodie, Adrianne Ho, takes you on journeys through various North American hotspots to discover groundbreaking fitness routines, fantastic fashion, and exceptional eats.

“I’ve always believed that everyone has something to teach you,” explained Ho during an interview with Hyperbae. “Throughout the series, I meet with experts and leaders in food, fitness and culture from NYC, L.A. and Toronto. I’m hoping the audience can learn and be inspired by every guest on the show and be able to apply that knowledge to their daily life.”

Adrianne Ho - Sweat the City

For Ho, “Sweat the City” is more than just a television show – in a lot of ways, it’s representative of the life she leads. Thus, in order to keep up with such an active lifestyle, the series star dedicates a lot of focus to her personal fitness regimen. 

“My routine is always a little different depending on what city I’m in,” offered Ho. “When I’m home in L.A., I see my personal trainer Micah McKinley about three times a week at his Phys. Ed studios in Silver Lake and Echo Park. We focus on total-body circuit strength training and high-intensity interval training. On other days, I get my cardio from Barry’s Bootcamp, Aerospace, SoulCycle, tennis, hiking and running.”

Adrianne Ho - Sweat the City

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-Adam Grant

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