Stars of One: Audi Gozlan of Audi's Body Flow



For years, Audi Gozlan has proved himself capable of motivating audiences to get in touch with their physical, mental and spiritual selves, thanks to series like “Kabalah Yoga” and “Audi’s Body Flow.”

On “Kabalah Yoga,” Gozlan demonstrates techniques that combine traditional Hatha yoga, along with “the ancient Jewish mysticism of Kabalah.” Meanwhile, with “Audi’s Body Flow,” Gozlan shares the personal workout techniques he uses to keep himself strong, healthy and fit.

Beyond his television series, Gozlan is a certified yoga instructor who teaches Kabalah Yoga workshops around the world. He is also a devoted artist who enjoys creating works inspired by those who have influenced his life.

Kabalah Yoga

Additionally, Gozlan is a Montreal-based lawyer who has served clients in Canada and abroad for more than 20 years. His legal areas of focus include, corporate, commercial, civil, intellectual property, contracts and international banking. Gozlan has also been published in numerous legal journals and newsletters.

“I have learned to see myself not as the origin of my talents, skills, or wisdom, but as the vehicle that has been blessed to use these in making the world a more beautiful place,” said Gozlan. “I see my canvas as the world, my hand as the tool, and my heart as the inspiration that carries me higher.”

He continued: “The real artist is the creator working through us in coloring the world with magnificent shades. As students of life, we must remind ourselves that the gifts we possess could have been given to anyone else. If we have been blessed with something special, we need to humbly embrace and cultivate it so that it grows and inspires others!”

“Kabalah Yoga” and “Audi’s Body Flow” air regularly on One. To find out when they can be seen, please check out One’s broadcast schedule right here.

-Adam Grant

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