Audi’s Body Flow

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Daily Dec. 27 - Jan. 5, 2022 | 11am ET / 8am PT

On “Audi’s Body Flow,” host and Kabalah Yoga creator Audi Gozlan moves beyond the yoga mat, as he shares the personal workout routines and techniques that keep him strong, healthy, focused and fit.

Each show is dedicated to a unique exercise routine that is centred on opening and strengthening specific body parts. For years prior to practicing yoga, Audi was into serious body building and doing boot camp, cardio, and power stretch classes.

Audi's Body Flow

These avenues of health and fitness have led him to the development of this unique fusion of yoga with weight lifting, straps, balls, and many cardio exercises and stretches that reach deeply into our core and help us live our best lives.

The show features “live” workouts with Audi and his guests, who will demonstrate exercise routines that can be practiced in the comfort of your own home using light weights, elastics, blocks, step and a stability ball to get the maximum power and stretch.

Audi's Body Flow


Audi's Body Flow

Episode 1
Beginners Home Muscle Building Workout and Yoga: Light weights combined with yoga movements on a mat that build muscle, strength and flexibility.

Episode 2 
Butt and Thigh Home Workout: Yoga mixed with a low cardio express glute and thigh toning routine, as well as back and shoulders, through movements and stretches using elastics.

Audi's Body Flow

Episode 3
Burning Calories Workout: Mix of bootcamp and yoga movements with light weights that gives you an all around workout for legs, arms, chest and abs to raise the heart rate and work the core.

Episode 4
Slim Down and Get Fit Low Cardio Workout: Yoga and lite weights to move into exercises that strengthen the core and work the buttocks and inner thighs.

Audi's Body Flow

Episode 5
Power Yoga for Back Strengthening and Stretching: Yoga practice using a step to sculpt the body, strengthen core, and support lower back.

Episode 6
Taking It Slow Workout Routine: When you are tired and know you need to move your body, this work out will wake you up through stretches and poses using a stability ball that makes you limber and enhance your energy level in your body.

Audi's Body Flow

Episode 7
Flat Belly and Legs Workout: Cardio and outer thighs workout with classic exercises and yoga poses using a block to sculpt the abs and legs.

Episode 8
Biceps, Triceps Workout: Yoga and weights mixed together to work strength and definition of arms and legs.

Audi's Body Flow

Episode 9
Fat Burning Yoga Workout: Yoga flow using a step and elastic to slim down and shed pounds.

Episode 10
Chest and Shoulders Home Routine: Using a stability ball and light weights in various ways to tone chest and open heart through invigorating stretches and movements.

Audi's Body Flow

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