Stars of One: Adrianne Ho of Sweat the City



In “Sweat the City,” Adrianne Ho travels through Toronto, Los Angeles and New York to discover the most innovative workouts, unique foods and eye-popping fashion trends. When the cameras are not rolling, Ho is busy building an empire.

Born in Toronto to a father of Chinese descent and mother with French heritage, Ho has an undeniable beauty that’s helped her forge a successful modelling career. Ho has had the pleasure of starring in ad campaigns for the likes of MAC Cosmetics, L’Oreal, Nike, Levi’s and many others, while appearing in top-flight publications like Vogue, New York and GQ.

Adrianne Ho

However, Ho is more than just a pretty face. In 2013, she founded Sweat the Style, “the first digital platform and active lifestyle brand devoted to the culture of fashionable fitness, natural beauty, positive health, and real food.” At, viewers are treated to articles, original videos, photos and products that promote partaking in a healthy lifestyle. What’s more, Sweat the Style works hand-in-hand with multiple companies and influencers on branded content, marketing and social media awareness initiatives.

Praised Vogue: “Adrianne Ho’s Sweat the Style offers something different. Showcasing both Ho’s commitment to organic living, clean eating, body-positive fitness, and her busy lifestyle as a model.”

In 2015, Ho expanded her Sweat the Style business to include Sweat Crew, a sportswear collection that fuses “technical performance and high fashion sensibility. The line draws inspiration from edgy street style and vintage athletics for the active lifestyle.”

Adrianne Ho

“Sweat Crew is about looking good and feeling good – clothing that makes you happy about yourself that you can perform in,” commented Ho. “It’s about attitude and having a unique identity, but not compromising your well being.”

On social media, Ho has generated much admiration on various platforms across the Internet. As of August 23, 2017, more 640,000 people follow Ho on Instagram; 59,196 on Facebook; and 31,100 on Twitter – plus, there are her well-attended Pinterest and Tumblr accounts.

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-Adam Grant