Stars of One: Anjelica Scannura of Anjelica’s Dance Workout



On One, “Anjelica’s Dance Workout” takes you through a series of body livening dance routines that are both fun and capable of giving your health a shot in the arm. Before starring in this effervescent series, Anjelica Scannura was making her presence known on the world’s stage.

Growing up, Anjelica was widely exposed to dance thanks to her parents Valerie and Roger, who together founded Ritmo Flamenco Dance and Music Ensemble in 1995. In fact, Valerie started teaching Anjelica some moves back in 1993 and continues to train her daughter to this day.

In addition to her mother’s mentoring, Anjelica has also received training from the National Ballet of Canada, Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre, Etobicoke School of the Arts, McGinley School of Irish Dance, as well as a number of respected workshops and academies. Thus, Scannura has learned to master a bevvy of beautiful dance disciplines including Flamenco, Middle-Easter, Irish, Ballet and Bellydance.

Anjelica - Red

As for achievements, Scannura has toured globally for years, performing at various concerts and festivals worldwide. In 2013, Anjelica won three titles at the Bellydancer of the Year competition, while a year earlier, she took home the Paula Citron Fresh Blood Award for “outstanding emerging Canadian choreographer.”

Commented Citron: “Scannura is passionate and compelling. She rivets the eye with her consummate charisma, and as a result, seems to dance rings around her fellow.”

Anjelica - Purple

Anjelica – who is now the Co-Artistic Director at Ritmo – has also worked as a stand-up comedian, all the while appearing in movies and TV shows like “Camp Rock,” “Rogue,” “Satisfaction” and “Reign.”

“Anjelica’s Dance Workout” airs regularly on One! To find out when you can get your body moving with it, click here for more information.

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