Healing Yoga

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Also be sure to catch Healing Yoga every Tuesday at 2pm ET/11am PT as part of #TheDailyFix!

Healing Yoga – Yoga for Real People with Real Problems is a fitness series designed for people aged 45 and up, with an emphasis on achievable and appropriate yoga poses that help ease the symptoms of many age-related issues such as joint pain and menopause. Hosted by Deborah Devine, an expert, certified instructor specializing in restorative yoga, each episode of the series focuses on one health issue and provides simple instruction that allows viewers to immediately incorporate yoga into everyday life regardless of age and fitness level.

Healing Yoga – Yoga for Real People with Real Problems is designed to encourage participation without stigmatizing viewers. Deborah provides multiple movement options in a manner that doesn’t focus on age or fitness level but instead on strength, flexibility and endurance.

Movement options are presented using graceful terminology that encourages users to know their own bodies and find the right fit for them. For example, a movement option regarding a leg stretch would encourage participants to assess their flexibility and to reach as far as comfortable with several examples if you’re feeling a little flexible or very flexible.

Healing Yoga – Yoga for Real People with Real Problems is filmed in Zoomer Hall at the ZoomerPlex in historic Liberty Village in full HD.

Fitness is just part of overall wellness. Diet, nutrition, lifestyle and emotional health are just as important.Healing Yoga – Yoga for Real People with Real Problems  aims to educate as well as motivate. Compact graphic information segments (before and after commercial breaks) provide value added wellness information such as healthy eating suggestions, motivational tips and health/lifestyle news.

Healing Yoga - Low Back


“For years I thrived in the high pressure business world but, the workaholic life finally caught up with me. I was 35, very overnight, in chronic pain with severe mobility issues, terrible diet, no exercise. My health was a complete wreck. Then, I went to a gentle yoga class and felt truly relaxed. Stress just melted away. I went from a size 18 to a size 8. I stopped getting sick. Pain disappeared. I learned to open my heart and I felt happy for the first time in years. So, I said goodbye to the business world and started teaching. Yoga doesn’t have to be strenuous. The simplest movements can trigger major release of chronic symptoms, no matter your age.”