Vanity Fair

Mon. - Fri., April 12 - 22 at 6pm & Midnight ET


A new adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray’s Vanity Fair is brought to screens by acclaimed writer Gwyneth Hughes.

This classic tale, set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars, follows Becky Sharp as attempts to claw her way out of poverty and scale the heights of English society. Her story of “villainy, crime, merriment, lovemaking, jilting, laughing, cheating, fighting and dancing” takes her all the way to the court of King George IV, via the Battle of Waterloo, breaking hearts and losing fortunes as she goes.

Co-produced by the renowned Mammoth Screen alongside Amazon Studios, the drama features an ensemble cast including Olivia Cooke – star of Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One – as Thackeray’s timeless heroine Becky Sharp.

“Brilliant Chemistry”The Telegraph

“A romanticised affair that the british public cannot help but fall in love with”The Telegraph

“This take on Thackeray is a very modern affair: its sassy Becky Sharp is just like your average millennial”The Times

“Lavish, lively, intelligent and funny, never moving at less than a full gallop”The Guardian

Marilyn Lightstone Reads Vanity Fair

An ambitious beauty who bends men to her will. A naïve daughter of a wealthy merchant. A man who is loyal to his friends when they don’t deserve his affection.

Introducing just some of the characters in Vanity Fair, the 8th novel in Marilyn Lightstone’s popular podcast Marilyn Lighstone Reads.

Immerse yourself in William Thackeray’s deliciously satirical take on a money-mad society set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars. From the self-important heirs, to the indulgent playboys and of course, the seductive social-climber Becky Sharp, only Marilyn captures them all.

The first episode is available from Jan. 2 at

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