Stars of One: Yogi Cameron of A Model Guru

Yogi Cameron: A Model Guru

There may come a time when one feels the need to re-evaluate their place in life and whether or not it is satisfactory. For Yogi Cameron, host of “Yogi Cameron: A Model Guru,” his re-evaluation led to the dropping of a well-publicized career choice, to one perceived by some as a bit off the beaten path.

For many years, Cameron was a successful supermodel, who lived the jet-setting lifestyle, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with celebrity/fashion icons like Madonna, Kate Moss, Karl Lagerfeld, and Versace.

“I was well aware of the rare privileges I was afforded, however, I also noticed that most of my attention was on an outer material life of success which I knew had an ending at some point,” says Cameron. “This brought conflict in my mind because from one side I wanted this lifestyle to go on, but also knew living this kind of existence didn’t bring me a sense of deep fulfillment. I felt disconnected and agitated, yet I did not know what I should do about this for quite awhile.”

Yogi Cameron: A Model Guru

Dissatisfied with where his life was headed, Cameron’s focus ultimately shifted after meeting Nelson Mandela during a charity event in South Africa.

“There was something in his character, poise, and sense of unwavering presence that spoke to me,” recalls Cameron of the meeting. “He was put in jail for 27 years for speaking up against apartheid but yet he was not angry, bitter or seeking justice. With all the crime and inequality in the world he showed people by example that revenge was not the answer to peace. This was impactful to my mind, as I was looking for change in a meaningful direction. But I still did not have a clear vision for what kind of life I wanted to have. The only thing I was sure of was that I was ready to leave modeling and so I did.”

In 1998, Cameron left modeling for good and embarked on a quest to India, where he would begin to learn all he could about Ayurveda and natural medicine.

Yogi Cameron: A Model Guru

Since that time, Cameron has gone on to become a respected Ayurveda and natural medicine expert. He makes regular TV and public appearances, writes books, pens magazine columns, and offers insight during radio chat shows. Of course, Cameron also has a sizeable online presence in which he uses to educate the masses.

“Even though I am blessed to have worked with high-profile people like Ellen Degeneres, Marie Menounous and more, I believe Ayurveda and Yoga should be accessible to EVERYONE,” notes Cameron. “Living a healthy lifestyle is not a privilege, it’s a necessity and it’s my mission to make it attainable for you.”

-Adam Grant

“Yogi Cameron: A Model Guru” airs regularly on One: Get Fit. Click here to find out when you can watch it.

Yogi Cameron: A Model Guru

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