Resorting to Austen-Tatious Romance: ONETV Presents Sanditon



Created by Emmy and BAFTA-winning writer Andrew Davies, the series follows the impulsive and unconventional Charlotte Heywood, played by Rose Williams, as she leaves her quiet rural home for the intrigues and dalliances of the seaside town of Sanditon. There, she meets the charismatic but complicated Sidney Parker, played by Theo James of HBO’s The White Lotus, and embarks on a journey to discover herself and find love on her own terms.

Like much of Jane Austen’s work being adapted in modern times, Sanditon is able to remain relevant to current audiences who devour her stories, particularly when it comes to her talents for writing rich, complex and swoon-worthy romance. Like any juicy love story, the main characters of Sanditon, Charlotte and Sidney, immediately clash while also maintaining fantastic chemistry. Viewers can’t help but root for the couple throughout all the ups and downs of their complicated relationship and their individual journeys of personal growth.

“I think me and Theo both had the same passion and intention for making the scenes as real as possible,” said actress Rose Williams on working opposite James. “We wanted to make sure that we played the emotions in a relatable way, and that we didn’t play kind of into period drama predictable tropes, and that we made sure that we were saying words fresh with feeling, and not thinking too much about how it should be said. More just being present in the moment.”

While audiences will immediately take a liking to Charlotte, Sidney is a little bit harder to crack. “The character is quite complex and he’s quite burdened, as you get to see in further episodes,” said Theo James in an interview with Collider. “But he warms up and there’s a very strong love story in it. With Andrew Davies, the writer, there’s a mischief to his writing, and that’s what I loved about his style. He has an ability to bring depth and pathos, but then, at the same time, with a twinkle in the eye.”

Sandition S1E2

While the romance of Sanditon is a simmering and slow build, the payoff couldn’t be more rewarding! Find out how it all plays out beginning January 11. The series will air on ONETV Monday through Friday at 6pm & Midnight ET through January 20 and then, will encore weekdays at 6pm ET from February 7 – 16. Enjoy!