3 Ways to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work



Romantic relationships, no matter the distance of those involved, take a lot of smarts, effort, affection, maturity and patience to maintain. But, keeping a long distance relationship going is a whole other ballgame.

Sure, long distance relationships were far tougher to manage before the existence of email, social media, smartphones and everything in between, but that doesn’t mean dating at a distance is any easier.

While there is not a perfect method to make such a love affair work, here are three tips that’ll hopefully allow you and your significant other to survive, and thrive, even if you’re many miles apart.

Stay Connected, but Don’t Smother 

As noted above, we now have enough modern technology to help us stay in touch with one another. However, with so many convenient options at our fingertips, sometimes it is possible to become a little too up in your partner’s business. Of course it’s acceptable to hold conversations as you see fit, but if your partner is going out on the town with friends, don’t be a wet blanket that’s frequently checking in and looking for updates. You don’t want to be that social interrupter. What’s more, understand when it’s time to hang-up, logoff or send the “talk to you later” text. If you don’t allow one another to have separate experiences, sans a screen, you’re going to run out of things to talk about…real fast! 

Long Distance Couple

Build Trust and Question Jealousy

Trust is important for all relationships, but especially when the parties involved are living in separate cities, provinces, or even countries. Work hard at always being honest and forthright with your partner. By doing this, petty fights that can turn into mega-fights are less likely to happen. If trust is established, it’ll become much easier to question the jealousy instincts that pop up when your partner is in any kind of social setting where hook-ups can happen. You’ll be amazed at how easy a relationship can be once trust is accepted as the foundation of it. 

Buy a Big Overnight Bag 

No matter the distance, it is crucial that both people in the relationship make an effort to visit. Yes, travelling long distances can be expensive, time consuming and just downright annoying, but you need to see each other every now and then. Emotional and mental engagement is important when far away, but sometimes you just need to pack an overnight bag, stare into your lover’s eyes and reignite that physical connection you’ve spent so much time building.

-Adam Grant

Long Distance Couple