5 Healthy Reasons to Put Down Your Smartphone



Smartphones are an incredible tool to use to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as the world beyond our individual borders. Sometimes, though, we can get a little too attached to our smartphones, which in many ways can prove unhealthy.

One way to get around this is to keep an eye out for the right reasons to put the iPhone or Galaxy aside and do something; dare we say, a little more organic?

Keep Your Body Movin’

Even though it is pretty common to see smartphones being used at the gym, that doesn’t mean you should feel obligated to scan your Instagram between reps, too. One of the beautiful things about exercising is that it not only keeps your body feeling in tune, but it also provides a great opportunity to clear your mind and mentally recharge. If your mind remains too zoned in on your Facebook feed on a leg day, you could be missing a chance to give your brain a bit of a breather. 

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Enjoy A Night on the Town

Calling, texting, instant messaging and FaceTime-ing allow us to stay in touch with people better than ever before. But still, nothing beats the positive rush of adrenaline, and positive vibes you can get from therapeutic one-on-one time with your besties. It truly is amazing just how a night out on the town with your friends can add fresh perspective, humour and insight to your life.

Get Some ‘Sexy Time’ In

No collection of emojis can replace the rush of a romantic touch. Come on now, you know we’re right on this one.

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Keep an Eye on Nature

As tempting as it is to take a smartphone photo of every beautiful sunset that rises before your eyes, or every chipmunk gathering nuts around the cottage, sometimes the best filter to view these sites through is the naked eye.

Do It Because Your Pet Loves You

Have you ever been playing with your dog, only to become side-tracked by a text message or news alert? Subsequently, have you ever seen the look of disappointment in your pet’s face when you’ve opted to prematurely end playtime for your smartphone? It can be crushing. Keep your pet happy and use time with your four-legged friend as a way to decompress, and stay tight with a living being that’ll always love you more than your social network.

-Adam Grant

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