5 Tips for Beating Summer Heat



When the weather gets warm, it’s super easy to let loose and have fun! The snow shovels get tossed deep into the garage and the winter boots get pushed back into the closet. Next, the tank tops, bikinis and short-shorts get pulled out of storage and we carefully remove smudges from our sunglasses. Alas, there is sun; there is heat!

However, sometimes what comes with this enthusiasm is thinking that the heat will not get the best of you. We may get carried away and soon enough find ourselves feeling more miserable than we did with that December head cold. There’s energy depletion, headaches, dizziness and – sometimes – lots and lots of sweat.

If you want to avoid these off-putting parts of warm-weather living, here are five ways to keep winning while warm.

Don’t Cheers Too Many Beers 

One of the best parts about hot weather is when patios, cottages and backyards open up. These places, of course, can inspire increased alcohol consumption. But, it’s important to keep an eye on how many drinks you’re throwing back. The heat drains us of fluids and alcohol isn’t the best source of replenishment. Thus, drink responsibly and don’t forget to keep H2O handy at all times. At the very least, this strategy can allow you to enjoy an adult beverage outdoors without feeling like an angry, antsy, sickly child afterwards.

Stay Made in the Shade

When the sun is in full force, one of the easiest ways to cool down (if there’s no air conditioned rooms around) is to find an area of shade. Shade won’t resolve all of your problems in relation to your body overheating, but it’s a simple step that could keep dehydration at bay until a better solution comes about.

Summer Heat

Look Cool and Feel Cool

“Looking cool” can be however you define it, but the last thing you want to do is go for “looking cool,” only to end up feeling like a tinfoil-wearing baked potato on the grill. Wearing skinny jeans and a playful hoodie may make you feel the most at home for a casual night on the town, but when the outside temperature soars, so will your inner one. Yes, we may not all feel comfortable in skirts, shorts, or shirts that leave less to the imagination than desired, but sometimes we all have to sacrifice for the sake of our health. Oh, and wear a hat! Few things speed up a heat-beating like the sun hammering down on your head.

Sunscreen Supreme! 

Like flossing, coating the body in sunscreen is one of those annoying tasks that takes way too long and doesn’t have any real entertainment value. However, sunburns are even less fun – as is the chance at contracting skin cancer from too much sun. Sunscreen certainly isn’t fun, but it can keep you comfortable and (hopefully) far away from a serious illness. Aesthetically, looking like you have a tan is way better than looking like a lobster.

Pace Yourself when Playing 

There is a reason why your favourite athletes are always drinking something on the sidelines. Exerting an increased amount of energy when playing sports, working on your home, or running errands, can lead to lots of excess sweating. When a person begins to sweat out more fluids than they’re taking in, dehydration can set in. If you can tell you’re sweating a lot, it’s best to replace those fluids as fast as possible. Ideally, turn to waters, juices, or sports drinks. 

-Adam Grant

Summer Heat