Anjelica's Dance Workout is Moving Critics



John Doyle is ready to get up from his computer and boogie and he only has “Anjelica’s Dance Workout” to blame. The television critic for The Globe and Mail took a look at One’s brand new, fun and inspirational fitness series hosted by award winning Canadian dance pro Anjelica Scannura and couldn’t help but find it “mesmerizing” but, motivational as well.

“Watch Anjelica Scannura and suddenly you’re up on your hind legs doing shocking things, without even a doctor’s note to say you’re of sound mind and body to be attempting such things,” observes Doyle.

Connecting this new series back to ’s wildly popular and entertaining 20 Minute Workout, a fitness series aired in the 1980s on Citytv by ZoomerMedia Founder and ONETV Executive Producer, Moses Znaimer, Doyle proclaims, “I’m thinking of taking up this dancing racket, as it is taught and espoused by Anjelica Scannura. Listen, it beats running around in circles on a jogging track. I’m betting it is, anyway.”

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Anjelica's Dance Workout is Moving Critics

In the effort to get fit, most of us want to find a method that is both effective and fun. Airing daily at 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM ET, Anjelica’s Dance Workout combines the excitement of learning and performing easy-to-follow steps from a variety of dance styles with a cardio-pumping pace and an enthusiastic, energetic leader in Scannura.

Presented in stylish surroundings with a touch of sexiness, ADW is bound to mesmerize but, most importantly motivate viewers into getting moving…and getting fit. It’s just one of our newest series among a diverse and jam-packed slate of inspirational and beneficial fitness programs on ONE including Healing Yoga, Audi’s Body Flow, Namaste and more.

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