3 Tips For Healthier Curls



It’s summer and the living should be easy, especially when it comes to your hair. Here, expert tips and tricks for identifying your curl type and best manage curls.

When it comes to curly hair, you often come to expect the unexpected. So how should one tame their unruly main? Experts Caroline and Betty, co-founders of Curl Ambassador Salons, break it down based on curl type to help you eliminate opportunities for frizz to take over!

1. Large curls

“S” type curls tend to be tighter with more of a spring. It’s recommended that you apply product when curls are soaking wet, ensuring the product covers roots through ends.

2. Wavy hair

This type of hair tends to have a combination of tighter and looser “C” pattern curls. For best results, apply product when curls are soaking wet, moving from ends towards the root. Scrunch your curls and then dry with a diffuser. Note: As you’re scrunching, you’re actually removing moisture and saving yourself time when it comes to diffusing! In using the diffuser, hold in each place for five-10 seconds and eliminate too much movement.

3. Tight curls

Although mostly in an “S” pattern, these curls can also be a combination of “S” and “C” shapes. Apply product to sectioned hair when the curls are still soaking wet. Ensure it’s evenly distributed throughout, from roots to ends. Let it air dry.

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