Watch: This Healing Yoga Webisode Will Keep Your Heart Happy



In February, hearts surround us. While the ones in our chests continue to pound, Valentine’s Day festivities greet us with plenty of chocolate hearts, toy hearts and cards with cartoon hearts. Although many of us enjoy this Hallmark holiday for the fun of it, it remains important for everyone to continually focus on the health of his or her ticker.

With that in mind, allow this to be a friendly reminder that February is also Heart and Stroke Awareness Month in Canada.

A sure-fire way to keep your heart healthy is by participating in a regular fitness routine. Daily on One, “Healing Yoga” with Deborah Devine shares a number of invigorating gentle yoga practices designed to keep you in tip-top shape.

Healing Yoga - Heart

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“Smoking, weight issues, high cholesterol and high blood pressure were all negatively affecting my heart health,” says Deborah. “But, then I found gentle yoga. It helped me manage my stress levels and keep my blood pressure down. My heart has been happy ever since.”

She continues: “Let yoga be your prescription to prevent and manage symptoms of heart disease. For Heart and Stroke Awareness Month, I have some great Healing Yoga tips that calm and slow the heart rate; improve breathing and make you feel more relaxed.”

Healing Yoga - Heart

Specifically for Heart and Stroke Awareness Month, “Healing Yoga” has created this splendid webisode specifically with the heart in mind. Here, stretch out and allow Deborah to share the following exercises with you: Constructive Rest Rocking, Supported Side Bends and Elevated Chest Savasana.

-Adam Grant

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