Study: Changing Bedtime Routine Can Improve Sleep



Waking up tired can be brutal, as slowly rising from the wrong side of the bed could lead to irritability, a lack in focus, or a feeling of lethargy for a good chunk of your day. In order to curb that sleepy feeling, perhaps you should try something new.

For a recent study, the University of Western Australia’s Centre for Sleep Science analyzed the sleeping patterns of the Perth Lynx, a highly regarded women’s basketball team from the region. To form their conclusions, researchers outfitted the players with a sleep-monitoring device and requested that each individual keep a detailed sleep diary.

After collecting the data, researchers discovered that the most important way to adjust one’s sleeping patterns is to change the bedtime routine. For instance, instead of scrolling through your phone or tablet before putting head to pillow, the study states that its best to stop using such electronic devices one hour before bed.

Why is that so important?

Researchers said that putting such tech items back in the drawer that far ahead of sleep allows the brain to have an adequate amount of time to calm down.

Ahead of that hour before bed, however, engaging in meditation-based apps can also be helpful.

Lastly, crack a window, crank up the air conditioner, or put on a fan at full blast, because we tend to sleep better when our bedrooms are cool.

Yes, all of these are fantastic suggestions, but let’s also not forget about the importance of going to bed at a reasonable time.

-Adam Grant