Properly Treating Depression Keeps Your Heart Healthy



As awareness, understanding and acceptance of mental illness continues to grow, much is being learned about the severe physical ailments that can occur when a person isn’t treated properly for depression.

In a recent study conducted by researchers at the International Medical Centre Heart Institute in Salt Lake City, it was discovered that if a person suffering from depression receives effective medical treatment, physical health could be improved.

For the study, more than 7,500 people were analyzed and it was determined that when depressed individuals received proper assistance, they could lower their risk of heart damage. In fact, their risk of heart damage would become the same as someone who does not suffer from depression.

“Our study shows that prompt, effective treatment of depression appears to improve the risk of poor heart health,” explained Heidi May, a Cardiovascular Epidemiologist with the Intermountain Medical Centre Heart Institute.

However, if someone remains untreated for depression, they will be more prone to heart ailments than those who are not depressed.

Said May: “The key conclusion of our study is: If depression isn’t treated, the risk of cardiovascular complications increases significantly.”

While it’s important to make sure the heart is going to tick properly throughout the years, it’s equally important to be proactive if you find that depression is playing a negative role in your life. If troubles persist, please do not hesitate to confide in a family member, friend, or a medical professional.

-Adam Grant