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Hosted by television star Alison Sweeney, “The Biggest Loser” is a long-running, popular series known for its contestants’ incredible weight loss and makeovers.

Since making her debut as host for season four of “The Biggest Loser” in 2007, Sweeney has joined the hit reality series in transforming the lives of show contestants and television viewers worldwide. Having openly discussed her own weight loss struggles, Sweeney was thrilled when the show producers asked her to join the show. Since then, Sweeney has graced the cover or been featured in magazines including People, US Weekly, OK!, Pregnancy, Complete Woman, Health and many more.

“The Biggest Loser” also features renowned trainer Bob Harper, who has become one of the most credible and sought-after motivational experts on television and DVD, in books and in personal appearances.


The Biggest Loser

– EPISODES AIR DAILY AT 9pm ET/6pm PT on One! –

** = Two-Part Episode

**Saturday, April 8 & Sunday, April 9

Two new trainers and a compelling new twist deliver a game-changing season like nothing viewers have seen before when season 11 premieres with twenty-two contestants — eleven family and friend teams of two. After the first challenge, contestants are given the unprecedented opportunity to choose whether to work out with trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels at the ranch – or work out at a secret location with two unknown trainers and get four weeks of immunity.

**Monday, April 10 & Tuesday, April 11

Alison Sweeney issues a challenge to the ranch-based contestants: if they have a higher percentage of weight loss than the “unknowns” – the contestants working out with the two new mystery trainers — they’ll all have immunity this week.

**Wednesday, April 12 & Thursday, April 13

The “unknown trainers” are finally revealed, and both will share their personal stories that led them to “The Biggest Loser.” Their contestants, “the unknowns,” confront one player they feel isn’t working hard enough, and later, “the unknowns” and the ranch contestants square off for a pop challenge.

The Biggest Loser - S11

Friday, April 14

The contestants are faced with the “ultimate temptation” this week when each team enters a room filled with each player’s favorite foods.

**Saturday, April 15 & Sunday, April 16

After four long weeks, the “unknowns” move to the ranch and are reunited with the other contestants, who get to meet the new trainers for the first time. Host Alison Sweeney explains that the ranch contestants will be safe this week if they collectively lose more than 48 pounds.

**Monday, April 17 & Tuesday, April 18

It’s Valentine’s Day on the ranch, and host Alison Sweeney ushers the contestants into a room full of chocolate candies for a holiday-themed temptation.

The Biggest Loser - S11

**Wednesday, April 19 & Thursday, April 20

The two teams of contestants are all tied up this week – literally – in a rope challenge in which teamwork will determine which group of players will get to use the gym this week, and which team will have to be creative and find other places at the ranch to work out.

**Friday, April 21 & Saturday, April 22

A ball challenge that turns out to be much harder than it looks gives the winning team a big advantage at this week’s weigh-in, which is especially valuable given that both a red line and a yellow line will result in two players going home.

**Sunday, April 23 & Monday, April 24

The contestants are excited to hear from host Alison Sweeney that they will all be going home for two weeks. Each player returns home to emotional reunions with friends and family, after which they navigate the challenges of being back in their real lives.

The Biggest Loser - S11

**Tuesday, April 25 & Wednesday, April 26

Each team has to pick a team captain, who will have many responsibilities during the week, and only two players from each team can work out with a trainer.

**Thursday, April 27 & Friday, April 28

Host Alison Sweeney tells the remaining 12 contestants that they will all be on one team this week – the blue team – and they will all have immunity if they beat their weight loss from the previous week.

**Saturday, April 29 & Sunday, April 30

This week, one eliminated contestant returns and the remaining players are split into four teams – red, blue, green and black. Each team will be led by one of the four trainers – Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels, Cara Catronuova and Brett Hoebel.

The Biggest Loser - S11

**Monday, May 1 & Tuesday, May 2

The remaining four teams square off for a wild pop challenge that involves balancing eggs, and the losing team has to leave the ranch for the week and work with a limited budget to purchase what items they’ll need most.

**Wednesday, May 3 & Thursday, May 4

This week kicks off with a pop challenge in which contestants have to estimate the length of a mile. The winning team gets a night out on the town, Hollywood style, while the other players have to stay behind and clean the ranch.

**Friday, May 5 & Saturday, May 6

The nine remaining contestants arrive in New Zealand and embark on the adventure of a lifetime, starting with a visit to Sky Harbor, a popular tourist attraction known for its breathtaking views.

The Biggest Loser - S11

**Sunday, May 7 & Monday, May 8

The New Zealand adventure continues in Queenstown, where the eight remaining contestants learn from host Alison Sweeney that the game is going to singles.

Tuesday, May 9

It’s “Favorites Week” on the ranch, and the remaining seven players participate in a favorite past season challenge – pulling a car for a half mile.

Wednesday, May 10

It’s the eagerly-anticipated makeover week at the ranch, and fashion guru Tim Gunn guest stars in the Cinderella-themed makeover as a fairy Godfather to the remaining five players.

The Biggest Loser - S11

**Thursday, May 11 & Friday, May 12

It’s “Finals week,” and each contestant will be tested by the trainers to see how much they’ve really learned at “The Biggest Loser” ranch, with the winner claiming a big cash prize.

**Saturday, May 13 & Sunday, May 14

It’s down to the final four contestants, and this week kicks off with a fun cooking competition to see who can make the tastiest turkey burgers for a group of kids.

**Monday, May 15 & Tuesday, May 16

In this must-see, exciting live finale, the contestants from this season return for a special reunion and a chance to weigh in one last time – and show America how much weight they’ve all lost since beginning their weight-loss journeys.

The Biggest Loser - S11

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