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Bollyfit Breakdown #8: Grape Vine

Follow along with Reshmi as she shows you how to perfect another Bollyfit move, the Grape Vine.

Healing Yoga Webisode: Multiple Sclerosis

In this webisode, Deborah demonstrates a pair of practices for people with Multiple Sclerosis. They are calming for the mind and help improve mobility.

Healing Yoga Webisode: Household Chores

In this Healing Yoga webisode, Deborah shows how pausing during chores to do a downward facing dog pose can help protect your body from wear and tear.

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Shalom in the Home

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Healing Yoga for Anxiety

The very definition of yoga is calming the thought fluctuations of the mind. This ancient practice is the cure for all of the perils of modern day living.

Deborah Devine Celebrates a Year of Healing Yoga

Host Deborah Devine looks back on Healing Yoga’s first year on the air with ONE and launches into the second year with a cool contest!

Punctuation Puts Its Mark On Mental Health

One woman’s effort to punctuate the importance of talking about mental health has inspired a new chapter of online conversation.