The Fat Fighters

The Fat Fighters

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Go behind the scenes at one of the UK’s most outrageous gyms, to discover that – thanks to four extraordinary personal trainers – fitness can not only be fun, it can be pretty entertaining too!

On a mission to prove you don’t have to resort to surgery to get your dream body, these fitness-fanatic trainers set out to transform the physiques of clients in serious need of their help.

Their methods might be extreme and crazy, but when it comes to weight loss, this fabulous four get results!

Cameras follow them as they take on new recruits and go all out to help men and women who feel that this is their last chance to change their bodies for the better.

Can these elite trainers, famous for sculpting A-List bodies, give their newest members the biggest physical makeover of their lives?

If anyone can then it’s these four super trainers: Matt Miller AKA ‘Miller the Pillar’; Dan Corbett the ripped ‘Bad Boy’ trainer; personal trainer to the stars and founder of the ‘Pussycat Doll workout’ Tamaya Adams; and core conditioning expert ‘Ms Red Hot’ herself, Dahlia Mikneviciute.

Each episode features a major client makeover, while also showing viewers the best exercises, techniques and workout combinations to help them sort out their own problem areas.

But it’s not just about the trainers kicking their proteges into shape – the fab four are also competing with each other to get their latest, craziest workouts a prime slot on the coveted gym rotas.

The Fat Fighters

Episode 1

This week, “Millar the Pillar,” is taking on Graham, a dad of two with dwarfism, while the rest of the team have set their sights on stamping out bingo wings and back fat by holding auditions for new fitness classes to combat these nightmare parts.

Episode 2

The body beautiful gang are on a mission to rid the world of saggy breasts and man boobs, so brace yourself for some of the fantastic four’s most outrageous classes yet!

Episode 3

Grab those paunches, spare tires and flabby abs, because this week Tamaya, Matthew, Dalia and Dan are waging war against muffin tops and love handles.

The Fat Fighters

Episode 4

It’s bye-bye thunder thighs as our super-hot trainers crusade to tone up the nation’s legs and get everyone skinny-jean ready!

Episode 5

For their last mission, the superstar trainers are taking on their biggest challenge yet. Thirty-nine year-old chocoholic grandma, Debbie Sullivan, is getting married to her childhood sweetheart in just seven weeks.

The Fat Fighters

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