Manifest: Power of Thought

Manifest: Power of Thought

Sun., Dec. 26, 2021 | 2pm ET / 11am PT

Do we really have the power to dramatically change our lives by changing our thoughts? This one-hour documentary explores the fascinating and controversial practice of ‘manifesting’ as it relates to love, money, health and career. 

Manifest: The Power of Thought explores how our thoughts impact our lives. The very word “manifest” has become one of the most popular and possibly most controversial buzzwords and practices of the pop spiritual movement. We ask Do human beings really have the power to manifest and create change in their lives through their thoughts?”

We’ll meet and follow 4 compelling characters, each claiming to have radically changed their own lives through mental manifestation. Each person represents a dramatic case study in one of four key relatable areas of life: love, money, health and career.

Manifest: Power of Thought

How did they do it and what defines their practice today? As we witness their representative journeys right before our eyes, we also hear from high-profile experts who offer insight into both sides of the controversy. Critical analysis and evocative criticism includes the suggestion that manifesting leads to victim-blaming, delusional thinking and is even dangerous.

The documentary offers a status report on a hot topic that has captured the imagination of the Western world and continues to redefine an era. Through sharing first person stories, backed up by a range of expert critique and commentary, viewers can decide for themselves and even take notes along the way.

Manifest: Power of Thought presents both sides of an ongoing argument to let viewers decide for themselves if humans truly hold the power to manifest through the mind. The show presents differing schools of thought on the ‘right and wrong’ ways to manifest and brings these issues to the fore through open conversation and thought provoking debate.

Manifest: Power of Thought


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