Lose Weight For Good

Lose Weight for Good with Tom Kerridge

Weekdays May 11- 18, 2021 | 10pm ET / 7pm PT

Tom Kerridge serves some of the best pub grub in Britain. His two pubs have both been awarded Michelin stars. Tom loves cooking and eating good food. He loves it so much that 5 years ago he weighed 190kg.

Tom took some drastic action, and through a combination of diet and exercise, he lost 75kg. For Tom dieting meant cutting out the carbs, quitting alcohol and hitting the gym. But not everyone can follow such a strict regime.

So Tom’s decided to come to the rescue of a group of local dieters, and help them finally lose weight – this time for good. The experts say that reducing calories is the best way to lose weight long term so that’s what Tom’s dieters are going to do.

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