ideacity 2018: Worlds in Collision

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Now in its 19th year, the annual ideacity conference has rightly earned its reputation as Canada’s “Premier meeting of the minds.”

Over the course of three days, media icon Moses Znaimer presents a dazzling line-up of some of the brightest minds on the planet. Ground breaking scientists, visionary entrepreneurs, artists, scholars, activists and agitators – if it’s new, if it’s hot, if it will challenge your thinking, it’s at ideacity.

Over the years ideacity has welcomed such distinguished presenters as Deepak Chopra, Margaret Atwood, Romeo Dallaire, and Robert Kennedy Jr. But we’ve also hosted lesser known thinkers who became superstars – like 15-year-old Jack Andraka, who discovered a test for pancreatic cancer.

ideacity 2018 once again brought together some of the brightest minds and biggest ideas that are on the cusp of changing our world. Relive the conference by watching all the talks and presentations online. And get ready for ideacity 2019, our 20th year anniversary of the conference, coming up June 19 – 21, 2019.

Talks from ideacity 2018: Worlds in Collision

Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018

Rob Nail is the CEO and Associate Founder of Singularity University.
With a background in building automation equipment and robotics for cancer research and drug discovery, Rob brings a unique entrepreneurial and globally-focused approach to growing a university where exponential technologies empower us to solve challenges. He gives the crowd an overview on artificial intelligence at ideacity 2018.

On June 21, 2018, Cannabis legalization in Canada officially became law as Bill C-45 received royal assent. The new law will come into effect on October 17, and John Fowler of Supreme Cannabis applauds this but is concerned with legalization’s risk of failure. “Unless we can produce a quality product that people are willing to give their hard earned money for, cannabis legalization is going to fail.” Watch his talk to find out how John and Supreme are working towards making legalized cannabis work.

Tuesday, Oct. 2 2018

Don Tapscott is a leading authority on the impact of technology on society and was named one of the most influential management thinkers in the world by Thinkers50.

He concludes the Blockchain session with a summary of his most recent observations in the evolving world of technology. He speaks about the need for a new social contract for living in the new digital age, so that you, and only you, are in control of your data and identity, which is technically a basic human right.

Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018

Domenic Pilla has over 30 years of experience in the retail healthcare business, including particular expertise in pharmacy, distribution and sales management, health networks, and health information technology.

He joined us at ideacity to discuss the inefficiencies in the healthcare industry in Canada and possible solutions to these problems.

Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018

Bina48 and Bruce Duncan came back to ideacity this year to speak about Diversity in AI. Bruce is responsible for the ongoing development of Bina48, the world’s first advanced humanoid robot based on the “mindfile” information of a real person.

Bina48 was styled by Zoomer Magazine before her appearance!

Friday, Oct. 5, 2018

Jane Metcalfe is an entrepreneur with a focus on educating the public about technology. Her current passion is the impact of technology on our health, and specifically, how biology and technology are fusing to help us live healthier, longer and happier lives in what she coins the “Neobiological Revolution.”

Wednesday, Sept. 12 | Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018

Dr. John Ostrem has over 25 years experience developing new technology and bringing products to market, most recently iPal®. iPal is an affordable social robot for children’s education, elder care, children with special needs, and retail/hospitality. Dr. Ostrem joined us at ideacity to talk about AI in Social Robotics.

Thursday, Sept. 13 | Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018

Neighbourhood Pharmacies’ CEO Justin J. Bates’ advocacy focuses on the three P’s: patient, payor, & pharmacy. This is how he and his staff are working to make healthcare in Canada more efficient.

Friday, Sept. 14 | Monday, Oct. 8, 2018

“The legalization of cannabis is a victory in so many ways. It’s especially a victory for activists & advocates, who we applaud today.” – Cam Battley, CCO, Aurora Cannabis

In his talk, Cam speaks about the positive change legalization will bring, but also cautions us about the route we take to get there.

Cam Battley, Chief Corporate Officer of Aurora Cannabis, is the lead external-facing executive of Aurora. With a background as a health sector management consultant, he combines experience in government, healthcare NGOs, and the biopharmaceutical industry, to establish and manage relationships with Aurora’s many stakeholders.

Saturday, Sept. 15 | Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018

Co-founder of Anki, Mark Palatucci is the brains behind COZMO the robot and many other technologies at Anki and Copera. Mark joined us at ideacity to talk about his work building out Anki’s AI technologies in order to deliver new consumer experiences across industries.

Sunday, Sept. 16 | Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018

“Patients are not looking to get high. They are looking to get well.”

Pain management specialist and cannabis advocate, Dr. Peter M. Blecher is the Chief Medical Officer of Starseed Medicinal Inc. In his talk, he spoke about the barriers to medicinal cannabis implementation and medicinal cannabis in the workplace.

Monday, Sept. 17 | Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018

Salim is the best-selling author of Exponential Organizations, a sought-after business strategist, and a serial entrepreneur. ExO Works was founded to transform global business by catapulting organizations into the world of exponential thinking.

In his talk, he addresses the need for corporations to think in new ways to be able to adjust and adapt to new innovation and technologies.

Tuesday, Sept. 18 | Friday, Oct. 12, 2018

Tim Linhart is an ice artist and the originator of the art form of “Ice Music.” He joins us at ideacity to explain how his ice artistry evolved into creating working instruments out of ice.

Wednesday, Sept. 19 | Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018

Alex Tapscott is a globally-recognized writer, speaker, investor and advisor focused on the impact of emerging technologies, such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, on business, society and government. He took the ideacity stage to introduce the Blockchain session and discuss his research.

Thursday, Sept. 20 | Sunday, Oct. 14

William Robertson was always fascinated by small detailed models, and out of that, he built a unique career. He is a miniature model maker. He creates miniature items on demand that work exactly like regular sized items. Watch his talk to find out more about his miniature business.

Friday, Sept. 21 | Monday, Oct. 15

Topher White built a company, Rainforest Connection, that defends the rainforest using throw-away smartphones & AI to detect and track chainsaw and logging truck noises. He collaborates with local tribes in South American threatened forests so they can locate the destruction and stop it in its tracks!

Saturday, Sept. 22 | Tuesday, Oct. 16

Dianne Whelan is an award-winning Canadian filmmaker, photographer, author and multimedia artist who went on a solo journey to hike and film the longest trail in the world.

Sunday, Sept. 23 | Wednesday, Oct. 17

This episode features both Anthony Lacavera and Charlene Cieslik. Anthony Lacavera was named Canada’s CEO of the Year by The Globe And Mail and he founded WIND Mobile and more recently, Globalive Technology, a next-generation software company focused on commercializing blockchain and machine-intelligence technologies, which he touches on in his talk. Coinsquare is Canada’s most secure digital asset exchange for buying bitcoin, ethereum, and other digital currencies. Their Chief Anti Money Laundering Officer, Charlene Cieslik, came to ideacity yesterday to discuss cryptocurrency trading. She believes that the only way to keep cryptocurrency exchange ethical is to act as if it is already being regulated, even though that kind of infrastructure is not yet in place.

Monday, Sept. 24 | Thursday, Oct. 18

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