Cherry’s Body Dilemmas

Cherry's Body Dilemmas

Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019 | 3 & 8pm ET/Noon & 5pm PT

Cherry Healey is a slave to her bathroom scales. As her teenage diaries reveal, diets and looking thin has been a lifelong obsession. And with 37% of women in the UK on a diet “most or all of the time”, she’s not alone.

Cherry's Body Dilemmas

Now Cherry wants to tackle her body neurosis so she meets up with women of all shapes and sizes to find out what makes a body beautiful. From a body builder to a fat and happy fashionista, from a nudist to a frustrated slimmer, Cherry takes a look at women’s body hang ups to see if she can rid her own demons once and for all.

Cherry's Body DilemmasCherry's Body Dilemmas

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