Bulging Brides

Bulging Brides - Season 1

Weekdays May 4 - Aug. 31, 2021 | 3:30pm ET / 12:30 PT

Harsh title, but everyone knows that brides tend to buy their gowns in a size that represents their dream shape, not their current contours. Each episode of the series follows brides as they try to shed unwanted pounds and inches, aided by personal trainer Tommy Europe and nutritionist Nadeen Boman.

Bulging Brides

“Worried in White” 
A passion for big meals and junk food has left Sarah bulging out of her wedding dress.

“Better Late than Never”
Heidi has a battle her lazy tendencies to lose pounds and fit into her wedding dress.

“Two Sizes Too Big” 
Kymm bought her wedding dress too small and she’s desperate to lose weight.

“Days of Wine & Workouts” 
A love food and wine is keeping Cathy from fitting into her wedding dress.

“Last Minute Squeeze”
Sarah needs all the help she can get to lose weight and fit into her wedding dress.

“Frock Frenzy”
Shelley’s in a panic over a wedding dress that’s too small.

“Stressed to the Max” 
Erin’s worst nightmare has come true – she can’t fit into her wedding dress.

“Just Harried” 
Sarah is a busy mom who’s trying to drop inches so she can breathe in her wedding dress.

“Bursting at the Seams” 
Tristen has six weeks to get into her ultra-revealing wedding dress or she’ll be busting out all over.

“Tomboy Temptations” 
Too much bonding over beer and pizza has left tomboy Tanya unable to zip up her wedding dress.

“Family Matters” 
Big Portuguese portions are keeping this bride-to-be bulging through the hips and out of her dress.

“No Pain, No Gain” 
Sharon’s got six weeks to melt away the weight or she won’t have a dress to wear to her own wedding.

“Dress Stress”
Andrea’s skin tight wedding dress is ready to burst just like her dreams of looking hot for her topical wedding.

“Project Princess” 
Desiree’s desperate to look like a princess on her big day, but it’s going to be a royally rough journey for this bulging bride.

“Big Fat Italian Bride” 
Dina will have to give up her flattering Italian treats so she can fit into the wedding dress of her dreams.

“Break Out” 
Out-of-shape bride-to-be Yolanda has to break with her unhealthy lifestyle if she wants her gown to zip up in six weeks.

“Picture Imperfect” 
Jamie is a painter who wants to look picture perfect on her wedding day.

“Spinning Her Wheels” 
Michelle’s gone from fit to fat and only has six weeks to turn things around if she wants to get her wedding dress zipped up.

“Vowing to Wow”
Tommy and Nadeen have their hands full with Tracy, who needs to work her butt off or say goodbye to her dream dress.

“Weekend Warrior” 
Nicole has to conquer her weekend warrior ways and adopt a healthy lifestyle 24/7 if she wants to avoid spilling out of her shapeless gowns.

“The Big Squeeze” 
Hope aims to drop enough inches to squeeze into her gown.

“Destination Buff” 
Kelly wants to drop the flab and look like a buff bride for her fast-approaching wedding.

“Stress Test” 
Meghan needs to commit to a strict fitness and nutrition plan so she can fit into her wedding dress.

“Ring of Fire” 
Lorri has to control her impulses if she wants to look great on her wedding day.

“Closing the Gap” 
Samah’s gown won’t close and it’s only six weeks to the wedding.

“Period of Adjustment”
Time is running out for Kimberly and her tight fitting wedding dress.

“Dream Fever” 
Marcie’s marrying the man of her dreams, but she’s having nightmares of her dress not fitting.

“Don’t be Saree” 
Priya’s belly will be hanging out of her midriff-baring outfit at her wedding if she doesn’t put on her running shoes and a better attitude.

“Beach Wedding Blues”
Katheren has six weeks to get her dress gliding over her curves instead of clinging to her bulges.

“Photo Finish” 
Hedy needs to slim down enough to remove the clamp that’s holding her dress together and an unexpected surprise is causing additional stress.

“Power Princess” 
Princess Season will have to hand over control to Tommy if she wants to fit into her wedding dress.

“Bodice Ripper” 
Brittany loves her fiance’s fatty home-cooked meals, but she needs to learn to love the gym more.

“Veiled Promises” 
Kendra needs to give up her sedentary lifestyle and stop snacking on fast food to get into her retro wedding gown.

“Gown to Gourmet” 
Lindsay needs to learn to say no to her fiancé’s gourmet meals and yes to Tommy’s tough workouts if she wants to fit into her gown in just six weeks.

“Bling It On” 
This Portuguese princess can’t wait to marry her Italian stallion but she needs to fit into her dress first.

“Fit to the Family” 
Tonya needs to slim down enough to fit into her dress and look hotter than her ultra-fit mother-in-law for the wedding.

“Miles to the Aisle” 
Jennifer needs to whittle down her waistline in just six weeks if she wants to look hot in her wedding dress.

“Weight and See” 
Jennifer’s already lost 100 pounds on her weight loss journey and now needs a final push to reach her ultimate goal of fitting into her wedding dress.

“Hustle and Bustle” 
Kritsen needs help from her fiancé to plan the wedding, but more than that, she needs Tommy and Nadeen’s help to get her into her dress.

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