Bare Beauty

Bare Beauty

Sat. & Sun., Sept. 14 - Oct. 26, 2019 | 8 & 8:30pm ET/5 & 5:30pm PT

Bare Beauty, hosted by Anita Kapoor


Beauty may only be skin deep but we all could use a boost with today’s busy schedules. Meet Anita, beauty expert and friend. In every episode, Anita dishes out natural beauty secrets as she talks to experts, and goes on day trips around Singapore. Using home-grown plants and herbs such as cinnamon, aloe vera, tumeric and kafir lime as part of a beauty regime of face masks and health drinks, this programme showcases DIY treats you can do at home.



Season 2 of Bare Beauty promises a similar strong & rich content with an irresistible visual aura.

Singapore offers a cosmopolitan example of how people of many different races and creeds can live and work together in harmony while retaining their own distinctive cultures.

This multi-cultural mixture enriches Singaporean life in many ways, with each group retaining its own unique traditions, delicious cuisine, fascinating costumes and festivals, and which also yields a treasure trove of alluring traditional beauty practices.

Anita Kapoor embarks on a local ethnic journey to discover the traditional beauty secrets and legends within the different cultures of Singapore. In fairytale fashion, magic potions – herbs, roots, barks, leaves, honey, fruits, and other ingredients – are handed down verbally from mother to daughter through the generations. Ayurveda, Jamu, Traditional Chinese Medicine; all of these use an incredible variety of herbs, spices, fruits and plants that both excite the mind and vision. We discover how each culture has its own unique approach to beauty and health, giving viewers a unique insight to the legendary allure of Asian Beauty secrets.

Bare Beauty also takes a sneak peek into the lives and beauty rituals of Singapore’s celebrities as they share with us for the first time, their very own all-natural beauty secrets. Through six episodes, you will understand the true meaning of beauty and how each culture portrays beauty in their own unique way. With the right food, exercise and beauty treatments, you can start taking care of your body better so it works for you instead of against you.

No one will ever look at beauty in the same way again!

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