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Ask Dr. Zach

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On each episode of “Ask Dr. Zach,” people with health concerns related to themselves, or those close to them, are able to receive one-on-one medical expertise from a knowledgeable and caring doctor that has seen it all. No question is too big, no question is too small.

From Executive Producer Moses Znaimer and filmed at the ZoomerPlex in Toronto, “Ask Dr. Zach” focuses on an array of medical issues, including cancer, arthritis, back pain, blood pressure, mental illness and more.

Dr. Zach Levine is a highly accomplished, emergency doctor and program director. He is also a regular medical correspondent for ZoomerRadio and contributor to Zoomer Magazine.



Ask Dr. Zach

“Ask Dr. Zach” airs weekdays at Noon ET/9am PT as part of The Daily Fix!

‘Mental Health/Spine’: Post traumatic stress disorder and depression has 44-year-old Lori visiting with Dr. Zach. He gives Lori a very positive prognosis about a disease that will not control or define her.

‘Internet/Misdiagnosis’: Under anesthetic for an additional 8 hours has 72-year-old Glena concerned about her well being. Dr. Zach examines the possibility of a medical malpractice lawsuit and suggests some helpful tips when undergoing surgery.

‘Arthritis/Eyes’: Dr. Zach helps one patient with arthritis related to thumb inflexibility. Another patient receives advice about how to treat dry eyes.

‘Arthritis/Back Pain’: Unable to walk because of arthritis in her knees, 57-year-old Christine sits down with Dr. Zach for some invaluable medical advice to improve her mobility issues.

‘Blood Pressure/Repiratory’: Low blood pressure which caused a stroke 25 years ago for 81-year-old Beryl, has her asking Dr. Zach about the several prescribed medications she’s taking.

‘Stroke/Seizures’: Numerous strokes has 77-year-old Keiko dealing with numerous health-related issues including memory loss. Dr. Zach explains how to control your risk factors of blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar after experiencing a stroke.

‘Cataracts/Respiratory’: An ongoing chronic cough has Bodhanna very upset with the medical society, as she is concerned that nothing has been done to help her identify her respiratory problem. Dr. Zach’s prognosis outlines the gastric acid reflux possibility and finding the right doctor who will listen to her.

‘Mental Health/Blood Pressure’: Kendra suffers from post partum and claims that meds don’t help her. Constantly tired and frustrated, she visits with Dr. Zach for suggestions on how to improve her mood.

‘Skin/Seasonal Disorder’: A flakey, ongoing embarrassment known as Psoriasis for Spencer has been effecting his life for years. Watch as Dr. Zach gives his prognosis and helps Spencer deal with his seven-year-itch.

‘Cancer/Osteoporosis’: After being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 37, young mother Sarah asks Dr. Zach about her well being either years later – and how to deal with the prescription drugs, surgery and chemotherapy today.

‘Eyes/Arthritis’: Dr. Zach makes everyday living a little easier for Majda by resolving dry eyes with some helpful handy tips anyone can do around the home.

‘Back Pain/Mental Health’: Back pain returns with a vengeance for Yashy, a young mother concerned about her future with her young children. Dr. Zach offers some suggestions to help rid her of back pain.

‘Spine/Irregular Heartbeat’: Chronic back pain limits quality of life for Mel, as she is immobilized with a cracked vertebrae. Dr. Zach explains a clear diagnosis that includes exercise to help get his strength and flexibility back.

‘Abdominal Pain/Heart Attack’: Ten years of abdominal pain has Christopher asking Dr. Zach about what brings it on. Dr. Zach offers his prognosis.

‘Cancer/Abdominal Pain’: Having skin cancer fives times is a major concern for Elizabeth, as she worries that it can be hereditary for both her and her daughter. Dr. Zach explains why its best for her to stay out of the sun.

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