5 Ways to Win at Online Dating

Online Dating - Woman

For some of us, going to a bar, grocery store, or local event isn’t a comfortable place to try and find a potential soul mate. Thus, the presence of online dating continues to be prevalent for those young and old.

While online dating is certainly convenient, that doesn’t mean it’s altogether easy. There are fake profilers, liars, nitpickers, abusers, casual flingers, and those who may very well sound too good to be true. Less controversially, there are also those people who just don’t jive with.

If you want to win at online dating, here are some tips on how to reach the top of the pedestal:


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean more can’t be added to the equation. To some, the picture is the most important aspect of an online dating profile. That’s not entirely true, but a good one certainly helps. Thus, some people use creative angles, lighting schemes, filters, or years-old photos to attract attention. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to an awkward first date when one of the participants doesn’t appear as advertised. When it comes to your profile photo, represent yourself accurately, not imaginatively – this could potentially create some heartbreak.

Try Honesty

Don’t lie. Rarely do many great love stories start from a foundation of lies. In your profile and in any conversations you have with possible suitors, be honest about your personality, looks, age, career, interests, marital status, likes, dislikes, etc. When you start with lies, you create an unrealistic version of yourself that cannot be sustained over the length of a blossoming relationship. Plus, it’s just a waste of everyone’s time. 

Online Dating - Woman

The Right Profile 

If you’re serious about succeeding with online dating, focus on creating a thorough profile that gives others a great starting point regarding who you are and what you are about. Have multiple photos, write about yourself in a personable manner and as noted above, be honest. The more detailed of a profile you have, the more likely it will be that the right people take notice and get in touch.

Location, Location, Location

Long distance relationships can be super tough. If you’re not prepared for the challenges that one brings, be stringent about how far you’re willing to be from someone you’re hoping to get intimately involved with. With online dating, it’s very easy to say “thanks, but no thanks,” to someone who lives more than a tank of gas or two away from you.

Practice a Little Patience

Take a breath and don’t jump the gun. Yes, these are two often-used clichés when it comes to exercising patience, but that’s because they’re worth adhering to. Don’t feel obligated to engage in conversation with the first five, 10, or 37 people who reach out to you, if none of them check off all your boxes. Conversely, when you cast your line, don’t always expect a quick reply, or a reply at all. Lastly, don’t feel obligated about meeting someone unless you are 100% comfortable doing so. That’s perhaps the best benefit of online dating – you can slow play the process as much as you need to. If someone doesn’t want to wait around, oh well, keep on looking.

-Adam Grant

Online Dating - Woman

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