Walks With My Dog Explores the Beauty of Britain

Walks With My Dog

If you are a dog owner, you know the pleasure that can be found by taking your four-legged friend on a walk. Whether it is a quick trip around the block, a lengthy stroll through several suburban streets, or a wide-ranging trek that gets you up-close and personal with nature, stretching legs with your pup is an ultimate bonding experience.

On the eight-part British series, “Walks With My Dog,” a number of British celebrities take their dogs for walks around several special pockets of the U.K.

“Walks With My Dog” premieres Wednesday, February 14 (8pm ET/5pm PT) on One! Click here to view the full episode guide.

Walks With My Dog

Throughout, stars like Angela Griffin (“Brief Encounters”), John Nettles (“Poldark”), and Clive Anderson (“Whose Line is it Anyway?”), brave all sorts of terrain and weather conditions in order to give their dogs – and the viewer at home – a better understanding of the places, people, and traditions that make the U.K. so special to them.

Although humans serve as the primary navigators of “Walks With My Dog,” cameras attached to the backs of certain dogs add a unique vantage point for audiences.

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to take a big-time walk across the likes of Yorkshire, Cornwall, Kent, Pembrokeshire, the Isle of Mull, and many other glorious landscapes (with beautiful K9s by your side!), “Walks With My Dog” will scratch that itch.

-Adam Grant

Join One from Wednesday, February 14 through Wednesday, February 21 (8pm ET/5pm PT) for our premiere airing of “Walks With My Dog”!

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