Keep Your Heart Pumping with a Few Beers a Week

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Many people believe that drinking alcohol in moderation is the best and healthiest approach to indulging in adult beverages. Well, those people can now use the results of this new study to prove their theory correct once again.

According to research conducted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), people who regularly consume alcohol are at a lower risk of experiencing heart failure. But, moderation – in the form of 3-5 drinks per week – is what’ll help keep your ticker, ticking.

Imre Janszky, a Professor of social medicine at the aforementioned University, performed a pair of studies to reach his conclusions. Results showed that consuming 3-5 drinks per week makes a person 33% less likely to experience heart failure than those who avoid alcoholic beverages all together, or seldom saddle up next to a liquor bottle.

“The relationship between alcohol and heart health has been studied in many countries, including the USA and southern European nations. The conclusions have been the same, but the drinking patterns in these countries are very different than in Norway. In countries like France and Italy, very few people don’t drink,” explains Janszky. “It raises the question as to whether earlier findings can be fully trusted, if other factors related to non-drinkers might have influenced research results. It may be that these are people who previously had alcohol problems, and who have stopped drinking completely.

“I’m not encouraging people to drink alcohol all the time,” continues Janszky. “We’ve only been studying the heart, and it’s important to emphasize that a little alcohol every day can be healthy for the heart. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to drink alcohol every day to have a healthy heart.”

Agreed. Although this research indicates that alcohol can improve your health, don’t expect that you’ll all-of-a-sudden be 66% less likely to experience heart failure if you have 6-10 libations a week instead – that’s not how it works. If anything consuming way more than what’s recommended could cause more harm than good. Be smart about your booze consumption and your body should reward you for good behaviour.

-Adam Grant

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