Blending Veggies Could Be Bad For Your Health


From childhood, you’re taught about the importance of putting the right food into your body, namely fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, not all of us consume these healthy foods the way we should.

For those of us who either don’t have time to sit and eat a plate of veggies, or don’t like the watery crunch of celery, there is the belief that tossing vegetables into a blender and turning them into a smoothie will still give us the nutrients we need. Well, according to Brigitte Zeitlin, M.P.H., R.D., C.D.N., we are actually doing our bodies a disservice by blending our vegetables.

“Juicing your veggies is not the same thing as chewing them,” wrote Zeitlin in a column for Glamour Health. “You lose nutrients in the juice form and are left feeling hungrier afterward.

“Your body is designed to naturally rid itself of toxins and excess stuff it does not need or use all on its own. If you have a functioning gut, liver, and kidneys, you are always detoxing, every minute of every day,” she continued. “A huge problem with juicing vegetables and juice cleanses is that proponents claim they restore and rebalance your organs by giving them a break from digesting and discarding the food you take in. But there is zero (I repeat, zero) scientific evidence to support the claim that these organs need a break in the first place.”

Veggie Smoothies

Zeitlin went on to explain that juicing vegetables “destroys” their fiber content. With fiber having a number of health benefits like acting as a regulator of blood sugar; a fighter of chronic illnesses like cancer and diabetes; and a healthy weight maintainer, sacrificing fiber can be risky business.

What’s more, noted Zeitlin, blending vegetables will lead to more sugar intake than planned, while vitamin and mineral content will decrease significantly.

With this said, Zeitlin has expressed the importance of keeping vegetables on your plate and not in a glass.

“Food was made to be eaten, not drunk. Make veggies the star of your plate instead of your beverage,” penned Zeitlin. “You will get all the fiber, all the vitamins, and all the minerals, while actually satisfying your hunger. Plus, the fiber will keep you feeling full for a longer period of time, so you are not looking to snack between meals.”

-Adam Grant

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