Are We Living For Quantity Or Quality?

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Recently, a very dear friend of mine left his fine, tired body. I’ve been meditating deeply, being with him in the eternal space of our pure existence. I know that the space of his love will stay forever established in the center of my heart.

These human bodies are certainly fragile and temporary, and I contemplate what we do with our bodies and with our time. Do we fully appreciate the miracle of waking up every morning and knowing we exist? On what ideas, assumptions, and expectations do we make decisions each moment?

If you want an awake, healthy, happy life, then this has to be a value to live by moment to moment. The future moment unfolds from the present, and if we are stressed now then we’ll be continually stressed. The time to make any decisions is always now. Decide what brings health and do those things now. Decide what brings happiness and do those things now.

The search for happiness in life has been fundamental to human beings forever. This journey ordinarily starts for us by innocently following our sensual pleasures and feeling happy in this. We follow our mental concepts of what brings safety, satisfaction and fulfillment. These habits accumulate and accelerate and, during a lifetime, will entrap a person until he or she can no longer stop what they’re doing or thinking. This is what yogis call the ego: a fixed belief system. The quest for happiness in a person has become a set paradigm: a pattern that leads to joys, but also exhaustion, anxiety and even depression.

It’s possible to live a joyful, healthy and happy life without anxiety.

It starts with valuing happiness and understanding that it is not fully attained in life if we believe joy is the product or result of some actions or achievement. The assumption of materialistic cultures is that happiness comes out of things, just as life comes out of molecules.

The wisdom of intelligent inquiry exposes that enduring, stable happiness can never be based on material acquisitions, for they are unstable and crumble; or on any concept, for they change; or on anything in the changing universe of matter or of mind.

Happiness must stand alone, independently existing, not standing on anything changing. It must be realized in itself. Each person must find the pure space of happiness in themself that is not dependent on anything or any idea. This space of infinite power, life and intelligence is within every person, and directly knowing this space in yourself results in happiness that is lasting, real, abundant and alive.

You will not burn out. You will not be dissatisfied and sorry.

You will need nothing, and yet will be a well-spring of support and enthusiasm and joy that will overflow to anyone in your company.

Your health will flourish and your capacity will be freed. You’ll be free to choose what you want to do and, without the fixed ideas and fears of a rigid ego, you’ll find yourself freely choosing those actions and words that will result in more health and happiness for yourself and for everyone else.

Why would we waste our time continuing to chase after an idea that we have been taught: to chase after the illusion that if we gain enough material wealth, then we will get unchanging happiness? If you truly need to be free, happy, and healthy in body and mind, and to satisfy the quest of your life, then don’t procrastinate. Know right now that the truth and essence of your own self is the space of pure, free being.

Contemplate this in your mind, and then sit in still silence. Close your eyes, and let your heart of hearts directly experience this space of pure, formless existence.

One day, when your fine body is tired, and it’s time for it to rest, then you’ll realize with no doubt that you are that pure free space of being.

Sitting in meditation this week, I know that my friend is the same still space of purity that I am in meditation. He and I are the same space of love, we always were, and always will be one.

-By: Padma

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