Five Questions with Master Dào of Shaolin Tai Chi

Shaolin Tai Chi on ONE focuses on strengthening our bodies and minds with the ancient art of Tai Chi. We asked host Master Dào about its benefits ...Read More

Your Nutritional Blueprint to Better Health

Science has a blueprint to better health. Focus on fuelling your body with what’s proven to work for now and the future with these stay-strong ...Read More

How to Fight Stress the Natural Way

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Keep Calm and Cuppa On! This Addiction Can Help to Keep You Young

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Top Foods to Boost Your Immunity

Our immune systems are responsible for fighting off attackers like viruses, bacteria and toxins — but sometimes they need a little help. Here, how ...Read More

Author Daniel Levitin on Happiness & Longevity

At 62, neuroscientist and retired McGill University professor Daniel Levitin is sanguine about what he refers to as his “ladder” years — not ...Read More

Getting Creative in the Kitchen with Cannabis

In this ONE video series, Chef Anthony Mair demonstrates and discusses how cannabis can incorporated into everyday healthy cooking. ...Read More

How Walking Fast Can Extend Your Life by 15 Years or More

Strollers take note, walking fast could add years to your life. According to a study published in June by Mayo Clinic Proceedings, people who ...Read More

When Do You Want Your 22 Minute Workout?

Anjelica's :22 Minute Workout, a tribute to the hottest fitness craze of the '80s, is coming to ONETV. Take our poll and tell us when you want your ...Read More

ONETV Presents Flex at the Plex

On May 26, 2019, join ONETV's Deborah Devine at our Toronto studios for "Flex at the Plex" for some feel-good, fabulous yoga for all! ...Read More

5 Free (And Fabulous) Apps To Get You In Shape

Shed some pounds with these free apps! Perhaps this is the year you finally lose the spare tire or kick the smoking habit? Or maybe it’s to ...Read More

Save Your Skin During the Cold Weather Months

With the ravages of winter, sensitive skin needs all the help it can get. In a world where gluten avoidance is in fashion and everyone, it seems, ...Read More

How to Get Linda Evangelista’s Supermodel Skin

Supermodel Linda Evangelista talks beauty, aging and how she became a skin-care executive. Canada’s supermodel sensation, Linda Evangelista is ...Read More

Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser Meets the Man Who Saved his Life

In February 2017, Bob Harper of “The Biggest Loser” fame suffered a massive heart attack while at the gym. Miraculously he survived the episode. ...Read More

10 Tips to Jump-Start Your Fitness Routine

When it comes to physical activity the more you do, the more you can do. Here, simple tips to get you started on the road to better health. “We do ...Read More

Spring Refresh: Walk Off Those Extra Pounds

It’s time to take to the streets. If you’re looking to spring into shape and shed those unwanted pounds, get out your walking shoes. Here, five ...Read More

Easy Ways to Make Your Favourite Recipes Healthier

Here, simple recipe substitutions to reduce fat, sodium and sugar –without sacrificing on taste. Our favourite recipes can be the enemy of our ...Read More

Superfoods: The Perfect Three-Course Meal

Here, easy and inspired recipes to enjoy some of the world’s most nutritious and delicious foods. Jessica Nadel, author of Superfoods 24/7, ...Read More

The Healing Benefits of Yin And Restorative Yoga

Doctors encourage us to lead a less sedentary life and keep active, but signing up for a new activity—like yoga—can add undue stress. Here, some ...Read More

Baz Ashmawy of 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy Chats About Healthy Living

He may live on the edge in "50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy," but Baz Ashmawy tries to lead a simple, healthier life away from the camera. ...Read More

Government of Canada to Help Citizens Achieve Healthier Weights

The Government of Canada has put money toward a new initiative that's designed to help citizens lead a healthier life. ...Read More

How Gardening Can Help Your Mental & Physical Well Being

For your mental and physical health, gardening is an activity that can help us out on a multitude of levels. ...Read More

Stars of One: Tim Caulfield of A User’s Guide to Cheating Death

In “A User’s Guide to Cheating Death,” Tim Caulfield takes a fine tooth comb to a variety of health trends that may not be as good for you as ...Read More

Take the Leap with 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy on One!

Throughout this adventurous, yet heart-warming series, TV/radio personality, Baz, tries to push his mammy Nancy out of her comfort zone. ...Read More

Stretch It Out! 8 Must-Try Yoga Classes

Yoga continues to be an incredibly strong trend in the fitness world, and what’s spurring even more growth is the introduction of new and ...Read More

Shake Up Your Day With Walnuts

Love the health benefits of walnuts? Try this healthy way to serve them up. Inside that humble shell you’ll find a nutritional powerhouse. Once ...Read More

Healing Yoga for Prostate Health

A gentle, healing yoga practice, adapted to each person's unique needs, is an ideal complementary practice for anyone who wants to optimize prostate ...Read More

Q&A: A User’s Guide to Cheating Death – Tim Talks Scienceploitation

“A User’s Guide to Cheating Death” explores the evidence behind cutting edge disease management research and untested procedures. ...Read More

Q&A: A User’s Guide to Cheating Death – Tim Talks Souped-Up Genetics

To get your ready for Genetic Testing and the Rise of Personalized Medicine, Tim talks about society's fascination with genetic services and products. ...Read More

3 Reasons Healing Yoga is Sweet for Diabetes

Deborah Devine of "Healing Yoga" reveals a number of positive related to how restorative yoga can help you with Diabetes. ...Read More

Stars of One: Alison Sweeney of The Biggest Loser

As host of “The Biggest Loser,” Alison Sweeney helped guide a collective of individuals hoping to make a sizeable change in their lives. ...Read More

Stars of One: Audi Gozlan of Audi’s Body Flow

For years, Audi Gozlan has proved himself capable of motivating audiences, thanks to series like “Kabalah Yoga” and “Audi’s Body Flow.” ...Read More

Are You Too Old for Clubbing? This Study will Tell You

When you're 20, going clubbing can be awesome! But, this study reminds us that such a feeling won't last forever. ...Read More

How I Became A Running Tourist

The story of how I became a running tourist all started with a gamble. ...Read More

5 Tips To Help You Bring Energy To Your Workout

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Ease Your Way Into Yoga With These 4 Poses

Yoga is great for both your physical and mental health but starting can be a little daunting. Here's 4 poses to help ease yourself into the world of ...Read More

6 Tips For Health And Longevity From Rose Reisman

For health expert and cookbook author Rose Reisman, learning to eat well came out of necessity. Here, health and wellness tips from the "nutrition ...Read More

3 Healthy Recipes That Don’t Compromise On Taste

Bon appétit! Here, gourmet fare that strikes a balance between gastronomy and well-being. ...Read More

The Wonders Of Pistachios

Here, a look at the big health benefits of the little pistachio nut. ...Read More

8 Foods That Contribute To A Healthy Glow

Find out what foods to eat to nourish your skin from the inside out. ...Read More

7 Yoga Styles Explained

Check out this cheat sheet for the lowdown on the most popular classes offered at the majority of yoga studios across the country. ...Read More

9 Health Benefits Of Sex

It feels good and it's healthy for you. When is that ever the case? Here's 9 ways that sex is great for your health.  Sex benefits the heart in ...Read More

Treat Yourself! How to Spoil Your Way Back to Happiness

Life can be hard. Why not spruce it up a bit by treating yourself to something special? ...Read More

5 Healthy Reasons to Put Down Your Smartphone

Smartphones are an incredible tool to use to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as the world beyond our individual borders. Sometimes, ...Read More

5 Tips for Beating Summer Heat

When the warm weather kicks in, it's important to not just have fun, but to also stay cool. Here's how you can do that! ...Read More

5 Ways to Minimize Migraines

Living with migraines is a daunting task. Here are some helpful, non-medicinal ways to deal with them. ...Read More

Mindfulness Training Can Help Mothers-To-Be

For mothers to be, something as inventive as "mindfulness training" could make a world of difference when it comes to giving birth. ...Read More

Try These Proven Libido Boosters

Make your garden and your libido bloom with these four aphrodisiac foods. ...Read More

5 Ways To Improve Your Posture

The cheapest, most effective way to look more youthful and benefit health and longevity is good posture. And it doesn't require pills or potions – ...Read More

Eating Your Way To A Long Life

What you eat can affect your health and your longevity. Here, the best foods for a long life -- and which ones to avoid. ...Read More

How To Get Your Groove Back

Five steps to help you rediscover the healthier you. ...Read More

Try These Super Spices And Healthy Herbs

What's in your pantry? These super spices and healthy herbs add a dash of flavour and good health to your favourite foods. ...Read More

3 Good-For-You Blueberry Recipes

Incorporate the most super of all the berries into your diet with these three delicious recipes. ...Read More

10 Superfoods To Help With Your Weight Loss

Think weight loss is all about sacrifice? These super healthy, super tasty foods can help you shed the pounds. ...Read More

9 Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

No rest for the wicked takes on a whole new meaning as the years add up. Here, smart strategies to help you get a good night's sleep. ...Read More

Find The Perfect Sunscreen

Are you an exceptional skin ager? Only your DNA and sunscreen know for sure. ...Read More

Sex: Foods To Put You In The Mood

Looking to bring more romance into your relationship? Here are 10 aphrodisiacs to add some spice to your life. ...Read More

Yoga Breathing Can Relieve Your Depression

If antidepressants are not helping you feel better, this specific form of yoga breathing could relieve your symptoms. ...Read More

Shake Up Your Days with Anjelica’s Dance Workout!

Airing daily from Monday, April 3, each episode of “Anjelica’s Dance Workout” will be guided by Anjelica Scannura, a charismatic Toronto-based ...Read More

Spring Into Action and Inspiration with One’s Free Preview this April!

When April springs into action, so will One’s month-long free preview! We encourage you to join us for an energetic and inspirational roster of ...Read More

For Love and for Health, You Should Cuddle More

If you love to cuddle your partner or children, you could be experiencing a number of health benefits and better-sustained relationships. ...Read More

Study: Women with Kids Struggle to Find Sufficient Sleep

While kids can bring a lot of positivity to a family, they can also result in mothers not getting as much sleep as they should. ...Read More

Watch: This Healing Yoga Webisode Will Keep Your Heart Happy

In this "Healing Yoga" video, learn some fun gentle yoga exercises designed to keep your heart happy and healthy for years to come. ...Read More

Study: Workplace Changes Can Negatively Impact Mental Health

We spend a lot of time at work, so when a company makes a big change it's very likely that your mental health will be affected. ...Read More

For Your Health, Share a Bed with Someone Who Makes You Feel Secure

According to a new study, having a special someone to share sack time with can lead to better sleeping habits, thus a healthier life. ...Read More

Trying to Make Up for a Lack of Sleep Can Make You More Tired

According to a sleep-centric study, trying to make up for lost hours of sleep by adjusting your bedtime routine can screw up a body’s sleeping ...Read More

Study: If Your Parents Live Long, So Will You!

It is believed that the older we get, the more like our parents we get. Well, it appears that we don’t just pick up on their traits – some of us ...Read More

Healing Yoga for the Hair and Eyes with Deborah Devine

Our eyes and hair our very vital features of our health and well being. Here are some tips on how to keep both flourishing even as we get older. ...Read More

Caffeine After Concerts Could Harm Your Hearing

According to a new study, drinking caffeine after experiencing heightened decibel levels at a concert could be a bad thing. ...Read More

Study: Changing Bedtime Routine Can Improve Sleep

Australian researchers suggest that in order to curb that sleepy feeling, perhaps you should try something new at bedtime. ...Read More

Smoking & Drinking Could Cost You Millions of Dollars

According to a study, men who like drinking and smoking could lose a lot of money over the course of their lifetimes. ...Read More

One has Your “Daily Fix” of Positive Programming & Personalities

From Monday-Friday at Noon ET/9am PT, The Daily Fix will feature programming designed to inspire, enlighten and stretch out both your body and mind. ...Read More

Some New Moms Take Facebook Way Too Seriously

As much as new moms like to share baby photos on Facebook, sometimes that habit can become emotionally problematic. ...Read More

Want to Eat Healthily? Make Sure the Restaurant is Well-Lit

If you eat often at poorly lit restaurants, there's a chance that what you're ordering is not too great for your health. ...Read More

Study: Yoga Can Improve Cognitive Function

Participants aged 55+ were entered into either a three-month memory-training program, or one that focused on yoga and meditation. ...Read More

It is (Sort of) Okay to Use Your Phone at the Dinner Table

A new survey constructed by the University of Michigan was designed to determine how people feel about phone-at-the-table etiquette. ...Read More

Too Much Social Media Usage Can Make People Sad

According to a study, it was discovered that using social media is “significantly associated with increased depression.” ...Read More

Properly Treating Depression Keeps Your Heart Healthy

A new study has discovered that properly treating depression can benefit a person's heart. ...Read More

Are Smartphones the Ultimate Security Blanket?

What’s currently up for conversation is whether or not people are using smartphones to distract themselves from reality. ...Read More

Somehow, Lots of Women are Still Smoking While Pregnant

You’d think something like a pregnancy would at least force many women to flush their cigarettes. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. ...Read More

Study: Ignorance is Bliss and a Sign of Intelligence

According to a new study, those with a really high IQ are better at ignoring things they don’t consider to be important. ...Read More

How to Take the Best…Naps…Ever!

Naps are the best! With life being as busy as it is, having the ability to slip away for a bit of bonus shuteye can put extra power in your step. ...Read More

Study: Women Get More Easily Annoyed Than Men

Recently, Michigan State University (MSU) conducted a study to determine who gets more easily annoyed by others: men or women. ...Read More

Study: Workplace Flexibility is As Good As Gold

Staff at a Fortune 500 company have proven that a flexible work environment makes life - and business - way better. ...Read More

Organic Panic Pulls Back the Curtain on Harmful Housewares

As Organic Panic’s politically- and emotionally-charged run comes to a close, there are still countless questions surrounding the organic ...Read More

Organic Panic Uncovers the Real Cost of Fast Fashion

Think the purchases you make at the grocery store are the only ones impacting the planet? After zeroing in on the realities of mass-produced ...Read More

Organic Panic Cuts to the Core of the Fight for Your Food

Organic Food: Will It Save You and the World? Our relationship with food is both complex and basic to our survival, and few issues have the ability ...Read More

Is Your Toothpaste Toxic? Organic Panic Asks the Experts

If the first half hour of Organic Panic added fuel to the already heated debate surrounding organic products, and the dangers of conventional ...Read More

Can Cosmetics Kill? Organic Panic Offers Information over Ideology

Can using some cosmetics really harm our health or even eventually kill us? Organic Panic follows an actress with a budding career who's searching ...Read More

Organic Panic Hits Refresh on the Organics Debate

An organic revolution is taking place in homes and business around the world. But what does organic really mean? This compelling new, 5-part series ...Read More

Padma on Oneness and the Waking State

For most of us, there's no shortage of things for us to worry about in our daily lives, and each of them plays a role in diverting our attention from ...Read More

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