5 Ways to Win at Online Dating

For some of us, seeking out a soul mate in public is tough. Thus, the presence of online dating continues to be prevalent for those young and old. ...Read More

Not Talking About Sex With Your Partner? Start Now

More than 2,400 mid-life Canadians were surveyed about their sex lives—here's what they had to say. ...Read More

9 Health Benefits Of Sex

It feels good and it's healthy for you. When is that ever the case? Here's 9 ways that sex is great for your health.  Sex benefits the heart in ...Read More

3 Ways to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationships can be tough to manage, but there are ways to easily make them successful. ...Read More

7 Ways to Abandon a Bad First Date

For those looking at ways to get out from under an awkward first date, here’s what you can do to save yourself. ...Read More

5 Healthy Reasons to Put Down Your Smartphone

Smartphones are an incredible tool to use to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as the world beyond our individual borders. Sometimes, ...Read More

Try These Proven Libido Boosters

Make your garden and your libido bloom with these four aphrodisiac foods. ...Read More

Bedroom Fun May Make You a Happier Worker

We spend so much of our lives working. According to a study, if you want those days to go better, an active sex life can help. ...Read More

Letters to My Mom Contest

This contest is now closed. Thanks to all who entered. We will be contacting winners May 15 - 17, 2017. ...Read More

5 Tips for Winning Your Wedding Reception

When planning your wedding reception, it's important to think way beyond just where it's happening and which flowers will be on the tables. ...Read More

Connecting the Dots Between Sex and Happiness

Recently, Canadian and Swiss researchers put their heads together to figure out sex’s connection with emotional happiness. ...Read More

For Love and for Health, You Should Cuddle More

If you love to cuddle your partner or children, you could be experiencing a number of health benefits and better-sustained relationships. ...Read More

For Your Health, Share a Bed with Someone Who Makes You Feel Secure

According to a new study, having a special someone to share sack time with can lead to better sleeping habits, thus a healthier life. ...Read More

Being a Good Person Could Lead to a Better Sex Life

It may be time to put that guesswork away, because researchers believe that the key to having a plentiful sex life is being an altruistic person. ...Read More

Looking to Improve Your Sex Life? Do Chores with Your Partner

Cleaning a dirty toilet, removing hair from the drain, or picking up after the dog aren't romantic tasks. But, they could help your sex life. ...Read More

Study: Some Men Underestimate the Sexual Appetite of Women

According to a new study, not all established couples have each other figured out sexually. ...Read More

Healing Yoga for Libido with Deborah Devine

Many people enjoy sex well into their elder years, and yet, the sex they have in their later years is more enjoyable than ever! ...Read More

Even in Marriage, Keep An Eye on Your Standards

In a new study, it has been discovered that relationship standards are still very important in marriage. ...Read More

Your Phone is a Serious Mood Killer on Valentine’s Day

While phones help make Valentine's Day plans possible, it'd be wise not to have one near your candlelight dinner. ...Read More

Online Daters Willing to Embrace Shady Behaviour

For a new study, online daters were asked what they consider to be "deal breakers" when getting to know someone. The results may surprise you. ...Read More

Couples Struggle to Stay Sexually Satisfied After 1 Year Together

A new study, says couples begin to lose sexual satisfaction with one another after just a year together. But, there are ways to avoid this. ...Read More

Study: Working Long Hours Will Not Ruin Your Love Life

According to researchers from The Tavistock Institute, working long hours is not as detrimental to romantic relationships as we think. ...Read More

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