Healing Yoga for Neck and Back

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  1. Please make Healing Yoga available for Australian’s to watch Canada! We just had the channel that Healing Yoga is on deleted without notice here, so we have no access anywhere to continue our Yoga practice here with Deborah’s wonderful show. We have had all four series show a few times so I don’t understand why you would not make this available to us. Please help us Aussies out, we are now completely without Healing Yoga and I only want to learn from Deborah because we learn so much and her enthusiasm and passion makes this the best Yoga anywhere in the world. I really need my daily yoga back. Even my physio is disappointed as even she recommended the show to me. I am desperate to get this show back somehow because it helps me immensely with the problems I have. Please help us out somehow so we can get back to doing Healing Yoga daily again!

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