Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett

The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett - Season 3

Mon. - Fri.| 11:00pm ET/8:00 PT
Sat. - Sun. | 10pm ET/7pm PT

Was 9/11 an Inside Job? Who Really Runs the World? Are We Alone in the Universe? Is the Government Hiding the Truth about UFOs and ET’s? Are We Really Running Out of Oil? Is Time Travel Possible? Who is the Anti-Christ? Richard Syrett, a 20 year veteran of talk radio, brings his controversial and spellbinding The New AM740/ZoomerRadio program to television. The Conspiracy Show investigates extraordinary claims within the fields of conspiracy, supernatural, paranormal and UFO/ET phenomena. The show features interviews with some of the world’s preeminent researchers, independent thinkers, skeptics and authors in this fascinating arena.

Watch episodes of The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett online here!

Also airs Mondays and Sundays at 12:30am ET/9:30pm PT.

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