Songs of Freedom with Measha Brueggergosman

Songs of Freedom

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“Songs of Freedom” is a four-part musical documentary series, a ninety-minute feature and interactive experience that revolves around renowned soprano Measha Brueggergosman and her rendition of a unique collection of “Freedom Songs”. The songs that emerged from Africa via the slave trade to America, and the Underground Railroad to Canada, constitute a moving musical portrait of a people on a journey from the cruelty of slavery to freedom. The history chronicled so intimately in these songs is closely intertwined with Measha’s present day odyssey to uncover the journey of her ancestors from Cameroon, Africa to slavery in America and, ultimately, to freedom in Maritime Canada, where she lives today.

This journey through time and space is at once musical and sociological, personal and historical, intimate and epic – as Measha explores the role of music throughout these turbulent chapters in North American history.

For an even deeper look at “Songs of Freedom,” we encourage you to visit for a wealth of additional insight, as well as performance videos that were filmed with a special 360-degree camera and allow the viewer to control how he or she is watching Brueggergosman and her band/accompanists in action.

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