Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: London

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Daily | 3:30pm ET/12:30pm PT
(Returns September 17)

Enthusiastic and creative cook Rachel Khoo immerses herself in one of the world’s most exciting food destinations – London.

Always in pursuit of the perfect way to cure her food cravings, Rachel is shopping, eating and cooking her way around the British capital city.

She meets people that share her lifelong passion for food and uncovers new trends and the colourful diversity of the capital’s cooking.

Rachel captures London’s culinary inspiration like any modern food obsessive – blogging about it, snapping photos, and sketching in her trusty notebook, with the series style reflecting these influences.

Rachel Khoo - Notebook   Rachel Khoo - Notebook

Along the way Rachel draws on her inspiration to create an array of delicious new easy to cook recipes and share some useful foodie tips.

The series opens with Rachel celebrating the quirkiness and individuality of London fashion in her own kitchen
– proving it’s more about creativity than the price tag when it comes to getting your food looking and tasting good.

She discovers the ways London’s food scene is pulling in the crowds and comes up with some crowd-pleasing fare of her own – plus she gets all nostalgic as she relives her childhood love of ice cream in a unique London ‘ice cream lab’.

Rachel Khoo - Notebook   Rachel Khoo - Notebook

Sampling a selection of the capital’s exciting fast food, Rachel demonstrates how such treats can be effortless to cook at home. Then slowing things down from London’s hectic pace, she explore the city’s quieter corners, finding inspiration for food ideas to suit a relaxing mood.

From high-end to humble, from traditional favourites and afternoon teas to London’s love affair with Eastern dishes, this mouthwatering series truly captures the flavour of this exciting city!

Rachel Khoo - Notebook

Monday, September 5

London is one of the world’s fashion capitals and it’s fashion that inspires Rachel’s food this time. Celebrating the quirkiness and individuality that London fashion embodies, Rachel takes that notion and applies it to her kitchen, proving it’s more about creativity than the price tag when it comes to getting your food looking and tasting good.

Tuesday, September 6

This time Rachel discovers ways that London’s food scene is pulling in the crowds and thinks about some crowd pleasing food she can create in her own kitchen. She joins the party at a foodie gathering with a festival atmosphere in east London and discovers the simple secret to the success of a legendary 24hr bagel shop that she’s loved since she was a student.

Wednesday, September 7

Being back in London where she was born and bred has got Rachel feeling a little nostalgic. Thus, she relives her childhood joy of ice cream and discovers a very modern take on this treat at a unique ‘ice cream lab’ in north London. What’s more, Rachel seeks out a little Austrian cafe to join the chef in the kitchen to create one of her family’s favourite treats: strudel.

Thursday, September 8

Almost everywhere you go in London, there’s fast food options – and Rachel is happy to indulge, even though she wants to prove that fast food can be pretty effortless to cook at home too. Rachel winds up meeting Lisa, a young foodie whose hot Taiwanese sandwiches not only bring back memories of Rachel’s own childhood, but have also become a fast food sensation.

Friday, September 9

London is a vast and fast city where life can be hectic, but sometimes it’s important to take things easy. Therefore, Rachel decides to enjoy some lazy days by uncovering the city’s quieter corners where she can wind down and take things easy. A peaceful bike ride along the canal melds into a lazy brunch and she meets with Tom who results her up a summery salad from his urban garden.

Monday, September 12

Rachel explores London’s love affair with the east and reflects how this mirrors her own European and Asian family mix. As a result, Rachel takes to the kitchen to create food that celebrates the idea of east meeting west. Rachel also joins a west London chef to learn about a spectacular noodle pulling technique.

Tuesday, September 13

London is full of tradition and whilst the new and creative meal ideas inspire Rachel, dishes that have stood the test of time intrigue her too. This time, she explores some of her most loved culinary traditions and puts a twist on some time-honoured favourites.

Wednesday, September 14

London’s transport systems are iconic and ingrained on the London’s psyche, not just as an essential part of life, but as part of the capital’s identity; and it’s London on the move that inspires Rachel’s cooking on this episode.

Thursday, September 15

London is packed with chain stores and the mass-produced, but for Rachel, it’s the individual, quirky and homespun ideas that catch her attention.

Friday, September 16

Every now and then, we deserve to treat ourselves. On this episode, Rachel goes pleasure seeking by having a decadent champagne afternoon tea with her girlfriends in Mayfair.


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