The Men Who Made Us Thin

The Men Who Made Us Thin

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In “The Men Who Made Us Thin,” investigative journalist Jacques Peretti turns his attention to the diet industry where business is booming as obesity escalates. In this thought-provoking series, Peretti examines the connections between obesity and weight loss, and confronts some of those who are making a fortune from people’s desire to become thinner.

Travelling to the US and speaking to insiders to discover industry secrets, he examines the scientific reasons why so many diets fail long-term and why – in spite of this failure – people return to them time and time again. “The Men Who Made Us Thin” charts the story of the fitness industry, asks why the food industry spends so much money promoting exercise and examines the chequered history of pharmaceutical solutions to weight loss in the race to find a safe and effective pill to make us thin.


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