Last 10 lbs Bootcamp

Last 10 lbs Bootcamp

Daily | 10pm ET/7pm PT

Inspirational, fast-paced, and driven by two dynamic and unforgiving coaches, The Last 10 lbs Bootcamp propels both men and women through an intense fitness and nutrition regime designed to dramatically resize them in record time. Motivated by a special event in their lives, their goal is to undergo a complete physical and mental overhaul in just four weeks. But can they overcome their own psychological barriers, and avoid temptation to create permanent, positive lifestyle changes?

Last 10 lbs Bootcamp

“Last 10 lbs Bootcamp” can be seen daily at 10pm ET/7pm PT

Episode: 57 Pole Position (Julia)
Wednesday, April 26

Former pole dance instructor Julia has let her once fit figure go flabby. Now she’s desperate to get fabulous again before her engagement party in just four weeks.

Episode 58: Boot Camp or Bust (Della)
Thursday, April 27

Della’s a busy mom and commercial actress who wants to get back in shape before a girls’ trip to Vegas. All bets are off if she doesn’t lose her love of chocolate and sweets in order to drop those last ten pounds.

Episode 59: Strategic Stand Up (Robyn)
Friday, April 28

Robyn’s a stand up comedienne whose weight issues are no laughing matter. She wants to look svelte for her upcoming showcase and break the stereotype that funny women have to be fat.

Episode 60: Combat the Fat (Chelsea H.)
Saturday, April 29

Chelsea has packed on the pounds since getting married three years ago. She’s desperate to look hot for her upcoming anniversary, but it’ll mean a complete lifestyle change for this chip-aholic.

Episode 61: Mobilizing Mama (Leah)
Sunday, April 30

Leah’s a new mom who eats and drinks like a college student. She loves going for brunch with the other moms and can’t give up the weekend pub ritual. An upcoming trip to Costa Rica has Leah feeling desperate to buff up and get into surfing shape.

Episode 62: MC Mom (Alexis)
Monday, May 1

Alexis is a stay-at-home mom whose baby belly just won’t go away. It’s time for her to hit the gym and ditch the kiddie snacks if she wants her pre-baby body back before she emcees at her cousin’s wedding.

Episode 63: DJ Mayday (Chelsea K.)
Tuesday, May 2

Chelsea’s one of the city’s top DJs and she knows to stay on top in this male dominated industry, her looks are key. She wants to tone up and slim down before the photo shoot for her new promo shots.

Episode 64: Vegging Out (Christina W)
Wednesday, May 3

Being a vegetarian and loving yoga doesn’t automatically make you healthy as Christina has discovered the hard way. It’s time for her to start eating healthy food and toning up her body before she goes to her brother’s wedding – where she’ll be surrounded by models.

Episode 65: Body Renovation (Kate)
Thursday, May 4

Kate’s a busy interior designer who wants to redesign and update her own look before she launches her new gallery. It’s time to renovate Kate – but will Kate take the time to fit Tommy and Nadeen’s demands into her busy schedule?

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