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Canada’s Meeting of the Minds. Produced and hosted by Moses Znaimer, ideacity is an annual conference in Toronto that gathers the most innovative people to say important things about the world. ideacity presents the best Talks of conferences past from giants like author Margaret Atwood, filmmaker Robert Lantos, social activist Henry Morgenthaler, media baron Conrad Black, astronaut Marc Garneau, and environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


IdeaCity airs Daily at 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT!

Thursday, March 1

Axel Guenther on printing bio-tissues for medical applications.

Friday, March 2

Gabor Forgacs on developing 3D printed leather.

Saturday, March 3

Michael Hearst as he celebrates the bizarre in the animal world.

Sunday, March 4

Hendrik Poinar as he time travels with Woolly Mammoths.

Monday, March 5

Mark Showalter on Pluto’s new moons.

Tuesday, March 6

Jack Andraka’s invention of an inexpensive method for rapid and early detection of certain cancers.

Wednesday, March 7

Bob Richards, Co-Founder of the International Space University, Singularity University.

Thursday, March 8

Juliet Jiang on the fast assembly of a vertical city.

Friday, March 9

Michael Green’s designs of tall buildings made of wood.

Saturday, March 10

Esteban Suarez on thinking big and building down.

Sunday, March 11

Francis Gendron on building with natural and re-cycled materials.

Monday, March 12

This week features Rick Miller performing scenes from “BOOM”.

Tuesday, March 13

Amy Webb on winning big at the online dating game.

Wednesday, March 14

The world’s only publicly traded person, Mike Merrill.

Thursday, March 15

Michael Nicula, founder and creator of Canada’s 19th federal political party, the Online Party of Canada.

Friday, March 16

Conrad Black on the ‘civil war’ in the American media.

Saturday, March 17

Robert J. Sawyer

Sunday, March 18

Groundbreaking Canadian performers Alex Cuba and Nikki Yanofsky.

Monday, March 19

Foreign correspondent  Matthew Fisher

Tuesday, March 20

Archaeologist Helena Tomas

Wednesday, March 21

Robert Mies, Executive Director, Organization for Bat Conservation

Thursday, March 22

Singer/songwriter Christa Couture and inventor Barbara Alink

Friday, March 23

Data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

Saturday, March 24

Zoologist Jules Howard

Sunday, March 25

Beatbox virtuosa Butterscotch

Monday, March 26

Nobel Prize winner Art McDonald

Tuesday, March 27

Geneticist Joseph Penniger

Wednesday, March 28

F.H. Buckley, author and political sciencist

Thursday, March 29

Ethan Brown, Founder & CEO, Beyond Meat

Friday, March 30

Roboethicist Kathleen Richardson and robotic theorist David Levy.

Saturday, March 31

Anthrozoologist Hal Herzog

Sunday, April 1

Space entrepreneur Bob Richards

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