Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

Fridays | 2pm ET/11am PT

Many couples and families today are in crisis for any number of reasons: infidelity, incompatibility, jealousy, divorce, sexual problems, trust issues, troubled kids.

On “Divine Intervention,” renowned author, speaker and Oprah-approved relationship expert Rabbi Shmuley Boteach gives practical, inspirational advice to those seeking to overcome their fears and make positive changes in their lives. In one on one counselling sessions, Rabbi Shmuley provides passionate, intelligent, frank and often funny encouragement towards self-improvement, spiritual growth and aims to stimulate sound solutions for every seemingly insurmountable, problematic family and personal issue.

Divine Intervention with Rabbi Shmuley - Studio Shoot - Season 1

“There’s people who have a lot of family issues, personal issues – they’re worried about collapsing marriages, they’re worried about kids who are out of control, they’re worried about kids who don’t want to have a relationship with them; a lot of [people] are facing depression,” says Rabbi Shmuley of ‘Divine Intervention’ during an interview with ZoomerRadio’s Libby Znaimer for the ‘Zoomer Week in Review.’ “We’re trying to intervene and lift them up and give them guidance to make better decisions and to repair their relationships.”

He continues: “I don’t think the purpose of our show is to counsel,” points out Rabbi Shmuley later in his conversation with Znaimer. “Obviously, counselling is more rigorous, more intensive and more in-depth. I think our show is analytical. It’s about analyzing the problem, getting below the surface and trying to identify the root causes of the problem. That’s something that can be done faster than you might otherwise suppose. A lot of problems are repetitive. I’ve seen [certain] kinds of behaviour before, so I can often see patterns or see what people are masking. That’s not because I’m prophetic in any way – I am not – it’s because I have done this for a little bit of time.”


KEVIN AND MELANIE: Monday, Sept. 5 at 10pmET and Friday, Sept. 9 at 2pm ET

Melanie feels very anxious about her partners line of work in the lingerie business. Rabbi Shmuley coaches on jealousy and defines what success is in life without personal relationships being considered.

GRACE AND JEFFREY: Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 10pmET and Friday, Sept. 16 at 2pm ET

Grace and Jeffrey are faced with sexual urges while waiting until after their marriage to go through with them.

SARAH AND MARLENE: Wed., Sept. 7 at 10pm ET and Friday Sept. 23 at 2pm ET

Sarah is worried about the way we are portraying ourselves online and Marlene wants to fix her broken relationship with her son and his family.

CATHERINE, VICTORIA AND CHRISTINA: Thurs., Sept. 8 at 10pm ET and Friday, Sept. 30 at 2pm ET

Catherine’s determination to have women empowered and treated with equality is based on her daughters Victoria and Christina’s traumatic experiences with men.

NOHEMIE: Friday, Sept. 9 at 10pm ET and Friday, Oct. 7 at 2pm ET

Nohemie is dealing with her separation from a Jewish man she converted to Judiasm to marry.

JANE: Saturday, Sept. 10 at 10pm ET and Friday, Oct. 14 at 2pm ET

“Jane,” has her identity and presence on the show protected to ensure her safety as she discusses her experiences with domestic violence.

LINDSAY, EMILY AND LEA: Sunday, Sept. 11 at 10pm ET and Friday, Oct. 21 at 2pm ET

Lindsay is concerned that people are devaluing themselves by having “hook ups” and Emily & Lea are concerned boys wont like them.

SABRINA: Monday, Sept. 12 at 10pm ET and Friday, Oct. 28 at 2pm ET

Sabrina tries to apply her matchmaking skills to cultural customs, such as religion and interracial relationships.

GISELLE AND TIM: Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 10pm ET and Friday, Nov. 4 at 2pm ET

Giselle is struggling with isolation and loneliness and Tim is dealing with jealousy of his brother’s career success.

MEREDITH AND CARRIE: Wed., Sept. 14 at 10pm ET and Friday, Nov. 11 at 2pm ET

Meredith discusses her experiences with past abusive relationships. Carrie is unsure of her future plans after her now adult sons she raised as a single mother have gone off to college.

HEATHER AND LORI: Thurs., Sept. 15 at 10pm ET and Friday, Nov. 18 at 2pm ET

Heather is struggling with her identity as a wife and mother and Lori is worried that husbands are not being supportive of their wives.

BERNIE AND FRANCESCA: Friday, Sept. 16 at 10pm ET and Friday, Nov. 25 at 2pm ET

Bernie feels his children are losing their Jewish faith. Francesca is having trouble detaching from toxic friends.

ZHANA AND ERNIE: Saturday, Sept. 17 at 10pm ET and Friday, Dec. 2 at 2pm ET

Zhana is dealing with her broken relationships with her mother and daughter. Ernie’s relationships with people are still affected by his unipolar disorder and their inability to believe he’s now cured.

SARA AND VIKKI: Sunday, Sept. 18 at 10pm ET and Friday, Dec. 9 at 2pm ET

Sara is dealing with anxiety attacks. Vikki is dealing with being single.

RICHARD AND MICHAEL: Monday, Sept. 19 at 10pm ET and Friday, Dec. 16 at 2pm ET

Michael feels shame in being gay as a Jewish man. Rabbi Shmuley discusses how religion may not condone every lifestyle notes that “we have to treat every human as Gods of infinite value.”

MAREK, DORA AND MITCHELL: Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 10pm ET and Friday, Dec. 23 at 2pm ET

Dora and her husband experienced antisemitism as children and now fear being murdered as adults. Rabbi Shmuley explains the effects of antisemitism and says that their trauma may handicap their abilities to raise their own kids without fear.

ELEANOR: Wed., Sept. 21 at 10pm ET and Friday, Dec. 20 at 2pm ET

Rabbi Shmuley has a frank conversation with his own mother about his parents divorce and growing up in a broken family.

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